Becky Kagan Schott is not your average underwater photographer and cinematographer. From exploring virgin shipwrecks in 100 meters of water in the Great Lakes, to rappelling into caves, filming under ice in the Arctic, and even diving cage-less with Great White sharks, her work takes her to some pretty extreme environments. She's got a lot to [...]
Dr. Alexander Sledkov reveals the Russian deep diving achievements during the last century At the beginning of the 17th century, the profession of a diver (vodolaz in Russian, meaning, “getting into water”) appeared in Russia. In the peace treaty signed between Russia and Sweden in 1721 – after the war – the right to recover sunken goods from [...]
Introduction   ADEX – Asia’s largest and longest running dive expo – has seen its popularity grow throughout the world. In 2014, ADEX held its first dive expo in Shanghai. Since that time, the ADEX brand has continued to develop in China – a nation with a burgeoning dive industry, a growing number of individuals [...]
Adventurous divers love to push the boundaries, and this often creates new scuba diving destinations. The 10 listed below were discovered by adventurous divers, and divers like you continue to create new dive sites in these places. Because of their remote nature, many of these destinations require divers to book a liveaboard diving holiday, only [...]

The naturalist Sy Montgomery once wrote that “no sci-fi alien is so startlingly strange” as an octopus. Aside from their obvious extraterrestrial-like characteristics – writhing tentacles, squishy bodies, bulging eyes and the ability to change colour – octopuses have a hidden, “otherworldly” feature. Along with other cephalopods such as squids and cuttlefish, they can edit […]

With the new Tough TG-5, Olympus has taken the best bits from the hugely popular TG-4 and added a host of cutting-edge features, making this one of the most exciting compact camera releases of the year. At the heart of the TG-5 is a new 12MP CMOS backlit sensor and the same processor you’ll find […]