A new exhibition by Pepe Arcos opens 28 September at the Holiday Canggu Art Gallery, Canggu, Bali, Indonesia. The exhibition features seven limited edition large sized prints and will be on display until 26 October. In the exhibition Corals of Asahan, Pepe Arcos draws a straight line between art and conservation. He creates a new [...]
Like the Apollo 8 US astronauts who were inspired to read from the bible after witnessing the beauty of the moon from their spacecraft, the splendour of the underwater galaxy in Palau’s pristine waters has been cited by many as the moment they truly fell in love with marine ecology and scuba diving. An island [...]
The clans inhabiting the tiny village of Lamalera, on the sunbaked Lembata island in the remote Indonesian province of Nusa Tenggara Timur, have been spearing and landing sperm whales by hand for at least six centuries. Despite the ongoing economic and religious transition, the society of this tiny village has not lost a single bit [...]
Few places on Earth rival the spectacular biodiversity and abundance of highly migratory marine megafauna of the Eastern Tropical Pacific. For quite a while now, it has been known that these highly migratory species are not randomly distributed throughout the ocean, but rather, form aggregations at three specific oceanic islands during their adult life stage: [...]
Back pain is a common occurrence these days with sedentary lifestyles, but it needn’t deter divers from enjoying their time in the water. Divers can manage chronic back pain whilst travelling and diving, plus take steps to minimise the chance of back injuries reoccurring Before the Dive - The Right Gear  Weights Weights   Whilst [...]
In recent months, an increasing number of well-known establishments are jumping on the bandwagon to ban single-use plastics from their premises. Such institutions include Seaworld Entertainment, Inc, which removed plastic straws and shopping bags from all 12 of its theme parks. Ikea, a Swedish furniture chain with 363 branches worldwide, announced that it plans to [...]