Born in the US, David L. Mearns trained as a marine scientist but has spent the entirety of his professional career working in the offshore industry and specialising in the research, location and investigation of deep-water shipwrecks. He also makes television documentaries and has written books about the shipwrecks he has found and the histories [...]
The Indonesian island called Sulawesi is most known among divers for Manado and Lembeh in the north, and Wakatobi to the south. Even the Togean Islands, nestled in the Gulf of Tomini, draw their fair share of tourists in search of adventure. But few divers venture beyond these highly regarded sites. Surely many other decent [...]
A fascination with maritime history has led to some of my most exciting and challenging assignments as a photographer. Cold, deep water, poor visibility and strong currents are all conditions in which I’ve had to operate in to deliver wreck stories. Yet despite appearing daunting, I quickly realised that rather than changing my subjects to [...]
Dr Crissy Huffard pointed down to the shallow seagrass beds. I couldn’t focus on what she was pointing at and we lifted our heads above the water. “Down by the rock, it’s really tiny,” she clarified. Down again and there, almost impossible to see, was the smallest octopus. It hid itself shyly behind a rock [...]
In Asian Diver's issue "Wrecks of Asia", we took a look at some of the wrecks that have been turned to reefs around Asia. HTMS Kledkaeo In the Southern Andaman Sea, off the east coast of Thailand’s Koh Phi Phi Leh, 27 metres deep, lies the wreck of the HTMS Kledkaeo. After ending its service [...]
Hundreds of kilometres from land and at least eight kilometres above the sea floor, I gaze in awe at the scene around me. I know that I am nowhere near a coral reef, yet this is the picture that’s being painted by countless triggerfish, golden trevally and rainbow runners who have all gathered in the [...]