Thonis-Heracleion (the Egyptian and Greek names) is a city lost between legend and reality. Before the foundation of Alexandria in 331 BC, the city knew glorious times as the obligatory port of entry to Egypt for all ships coming from the Greek world. It also had religious importance as the location of the temple of [...]
1. Be prepared! Proper wreck diving needs proper prep – good training kit considerations, a little research, and the right dive operator are all vital. 2. Get a guide The right dive guide will know the site inside out and will be able to ensure you have a safe and thoroughly enjoyable experience. 3. Be [...]
Much of the oceans’ magnetic mystery comes from the fact that the waters of our planet can, and do, swallow parts of our human world. And when they do, they leave little or no trace of their quarry above the waves. There is still so much we don’t know about what lies on the seabed, [...]
Finning techniques come in a few different forms, and opting for a certain technique is up to the diver. After all, each diver has their favourite style like they do their own mask. Finning techniques can be used in different environments, to conserve energy or save air, and even to escape a territorial titan triggerfish. [...]
Using the ocean as an exhibition space, British artist Jason deCaires Taylor has created an underwater museum off the coast of Lanzarote, Spain, comprising life-size concrete figures depicting everything from the horrors of the refugee crisis to selfie-taking tourists, sculpture that will transform over time into a thriving marine ecosystem. Another exhibition by Jason deCaires Taylor [...]
As divers, it is important we make informed decisions, both when organising our trips and while we are on them to help ensure we limit our environmental impact. The following 15 tips will help you to ensure your next diving holiday is as environmentally-friendly as possible. 1. Pick an environmentally responsible dive centre When making [...]