Sharks4Kids was created to help teachers bring shark education into the classroom, but also to help students speak up, knowing they can make a difference. Kids are the future of our oceans and we must prepare them. The true nature of sharks is very different from how they are portrayed in mainstream media, therefore, we […]

THE ENCOUNTER Sponsored by the Western Pacific Regional Fishery Management Council and run by the Marine Research Foundation (MRF) in Sabah, this ambitious project aimed to study and preserve one of the last breeding populations of leatherback turtle in the Pacific region. The nesting beach at Kamiali, south of Lae on the north eastern coast […]

The west Australian sky is an astonishing blue as we meander down the beach. Rusty cliffs outline Shark Bay’s inkpad of turquoise and green water. Ahead of us, a dolphin has almost catapulted itself from the water and onto the beach. There is a rushing and splashing as two other dolphins flick their tails and […]

THE ENCOUNTER I was bemoaning this fact a few years back to my friend Jim Watt and he told me to come to his home in Kona, Hawaii, and he’d show me whales up close and personal. Sadly, Jim passed away recently but, when he was healthy and in his prime, perhaps no human on […]

Did you know that an average of 70 percent of divers contact the reef while diving? Such threats from diving are not always made aware to divers. In response, Green Fins has launched a four-part campaign to cultivate a positive behaviour change within the diving community with one main objective: making sustainable diving the social norm. [...]

THE ENCOUNTER The first day was interesting because, even with no bait, we encountered nine different great whites, checking out the cages – one of them, a 4.5-metre shark named Shredder, has been spotted at Guadalupe Island every year for seven years. He introduced himself to the boat seven years ago by biting off the […]