When I wrote this, Sydney had the hottest days on record: Nearby, Hunter region grape growers are harvesting five weeks earlier than 20 years ago: Perth had the wettest days on record: New Zealand and Chile are suffering massive fires: And in California, the large Oroville dam is at risk of collapse due to excess rain. [...]
As a marine biologist, a climate change scientist, and a coral reef researcher, Dr. Emma Camp's work takes her straight to the front-line. Her focus is on coral habitats – particularly "unsexy" ones like seagrass and mangrove systems. Aesthetics aside, and unbeknown to most, these habitats are the secret to finding out the future impact of [...]
Like so many divers and marine scientists of my generation, I was inspired by watching countless hours of The Undersea World of Jacques Cousteau: Whales, sharks, colourful coral reef fishes, and brilliant coral reefs! My first snorkelling experience came in seventh grade when I enrolled in a freediving course at the local YMCA in La [...]
Three businesses and one individual championing conservation and sustainable business practices in the marine tourism industry were honored at the first ever Blue Green 360 Awards held on April 7, 2017 at this year’s Asia Dive Expo in Suntec City Singapore. BlueGreen360 Awards celebrates businesses and individuals in the marine tourism industry pioneers that are [...]
Ragged-tooth (sand tiger) sharks are a thrilling shark to dive with. Commonly seen moving slowly and menacingly through aquariums, they always seem to have an eye watching you. In the wild, it’s no different and you can have truly amazing encounters with them if you are slow, controlled and calm. As part of the warm-up [...]