The Galapagos Shark (Carcharhinus galapagensis) is a broad circumtropical distribution and is generally found associated with offshore islands and underwater seamounts.

Since 2012, Sulubaaï foundation has been implementing a sustainable development model on and around Pangatalan Island – a tropical paradise northeast of Palawan, Philippines. By receiving guests on the island, the project has remained self-sustainable, at the same time providing employment for the locals in the area. The 4.2-hectare island is a restored beauty thanks to [...]
Following Dr David Gruber’s discovery of the bio-fluorescent hawksbill sea turtles near the Solomon Islands, film-director Klaus Obermeyer was inspired to witness these special creatures himself. Together with a team of 45, Obermeyer began his mission to capture the bio-fluorescent turtles with Canon’s new ME20-SF low light camera. It was a gamble – these creatures [...]
Plastic doesn’t just pollute beaches around the world; an estimated 8 million tons of waste enters our oceans each year. In 2016, a study led by the World Economic Forum and Ellen MacArthur Foundation predicted that by 2050, oceans are expected to contain more plastics than fish (by weight) – if we continue on our [...]
swimming with sharks
When Paul Friese moved from Hawaii to Bali with the intention of starting a cage diving business, he had some high expectations of large shark populations and pristine, calm waters. Both didn’t turn out quite as expected. The waters off the shelf of Nusa Dua were rough, and the fishermen had caught wind of the [...]
dead sharks
100 MILLION sharks are slaughtered annually. How are countries’ practices and policies impacting the shark fin trade in Asia? Shark fin – and shark meat – is widely consumed in Asia. Shark fin soup is a notable Chinese and Vietnamese delicacy: Such is the prestige associated with the cuisine that it is traditionally served at wedding [...]