dead sharks
100 MILLION sharks are slaughtered annually. How are countries’ practices and policies impacting the shark fin trade in Asia? Shark fin – and shark meat – is widely consumed in Asia. Shark fin soup is a notable Chinese and Vietnamese delicacy: Such is the prestige associated with the cuisine that it is traditionally served at wedding [...]
Simon Hilbourne and Alistair Bygrave are young scientists who share a passion for underwater photography and marine conservation. Aside from their own individual experiences and projects – with Simon documenting shark fisheries in Sri Lanka and Alistair conducting surveys in the Antarctic (among others) – they took the initiative to set up a forum called [...]
scuba junkie
For Scuba Junkie, conservation is not something on the sideline to engage in now and again – it is a core purpose. From cleaning up beaches and reefs to tagging sharks, Scuba Junkie gets involved in an array of activities, working with the government, NGOs and local communities.     Following from their recognition as the [...]
mangroves basics
Mangrove Basics  Mangroves are some of the most important ecosystems on Earth Mangrove forests grow in intertidal zones and estuary mouths between land and sea. They anchor and protect coastal ecosystems, and make up a transitional zone between land and ocean, connecting and supporting both Most mangroves live on muddy soils, but they also can [...]
On the 27th of May 2017, the Paris Agreement was reaffirmed by six of the world's largest economies. They are committed to revamping their economies along the lines of sustainable energy, investing heavily in the transition, and creating new jobs in the market. Not so for the USA, however. The sceptical Trump administration has deferred announcing [...]

Singapore has seen some improvements over the years. Major hotels have made pledges against the sale of shark fin soup, and according to a study by WWF-Singapore in 2016, 82% of Singaporeans had not eaten shark fin for at least a year because of support for shark conservation and other environmental reasons. The latter was a significant statement […]