Adventurous divers love to push the boundaries, and this often creates new scuba diving destinations. The 10 listed below were discovered by adventurous divers, and divers like you continue to create new dive sites in these places. Because of their remote nature, many of these destinations require divers to book a liveaboard diving holiday, only [...]
Located near Pulau Mansinum, a picturesque little island with a small village and a pleasant beach, the Cross Wreck is one of Raja Ampat’s more accessible wreck dives. This dive site was named after a large concrete cross on the shore nearby where Christian missionaries first landed on Irian Jaya. The wreck was a Japanese [...]
Prepare to be blown away by famously colourful coral, transparent waters, the blueness of the ocean, picture-perfect palm trees, lush green mountain areas, mangroves and stunning scenic views. Ishigaki is the main island and second largest in Okinawa's Yaeyama archipelago. Only 3.5 hours from Tokyo by direct flight, Ishigaki is the perfect getaway for those [...]
Picture yourself sitting on a sandy beach on an island in the Gulf of Siam, drinking delicious sangria from a bamboo cup, and indulgently dancing to the chill house beats of DJ Kevin Yost or Giles Peterson along with 300 other people. One would think this is the famous Full Moon Party of Koh Phangan, [...]
Such is the way of the 21st century that most places on this planet – be they paradisiacal or extreme – have been exposed on social media. In our increasingly globalised and interconnected world, it seems that we have covered everything there is to see or do on this blue marble. As a result, the [...]
Diving the waters of Indonesia can be the ultimate experience of a diver’s life. In fact, divers are often so impressed by the visibility in Indonesia’s crystal clear turquoise waters, the vast marine life and corals that they return over and over again. They want to explore more of the dive sites that they fell [...]