Author: James Harvey, The Reef-World Foundation As you might have already seen in the first part of this series, the Reef-World Foundation, in partnership with online platform, Divebooker, has developed a unique and fresh approach to protecting coral reefs in some of the most pristine and attractive marine tourist spots. Since 2004, Reef-World has been [...]
The Indonesian island called Sulawesi is most known among divers for Manado and Lembeh in the north, and Wakatobi to the south. Even the Togean Islands, nestled in the Gulf of Tomini, draw their fair share of tourists in search of adventure. But few divers venture beyond these highly regarded sites. Surely many other decent [...]
In Asian Diver's issue "Wrecks of Asia", we took a look at some of the wrecks that have been turned to reefs around Asia. HTMS Kledkaeo In the Southern Andaman Sea, off the east coast of Thailand’s Koh Phi Phi Leh, 27 metres deep, lies the wreck of the HTMS Kledkaeo. After ending its service [...]

Have you ever had a “crappy” dive? I’ve certainly had a few. I remember a divemaster at one Malaysian resort: Thinking he was the last diver, he decided to hang back, remove his wetsuit and feed the fish! Little did he know that we underwater photographers are always the last ones out, so when I […]

Thonis-Heracleion (the Egyptian and Greek names) is a city lost between legend and reality. Before the foundation of Alexandria in 331 BC, the city knew glorious times as the obligatory port of entry to Egypt for all ships coming from the Greek world. It also had religious importance as the location of the temple of [...]
Much of the oceans’ magnetic mystery comes from the fact that the waters of our planet can, and do, swallow parts of our human world. And when they do, they leave little or no trace of their quarry above the waves. There is still so much we don’t know about what lies on the seabed, [...]