Imagine if you will, standing on a highway. You’re facing the oncoming traffic. That traffic consists of several huge trucks. You can’t see the drivers so you have no idea if they can see you standing there, alone on the highway. They’re moving fast and you have no time to get off the road. Your […]

I’m floating in a blue void, 18 metres (60 feet) below the surfaceof the sea. Behind me, divers are busy exploring the expansive coral reef. But I am hanging silently, breathing lightly and intently listening. The songs of whales have me captivated. I can hear their deep grunts and plaintive moans. I listen here for [...]
With dinghy oar-turned-spear in hand, our guide ferries the dive tender on and off the sloping shoreline, shouting orders to the local handling the motor. Just inches away, a pair of forked tongues dance on the surface of the water. “Alright, back it up, back it up. Back!” he shouts, holding the oar between the [...]
During a preliminary dive briefing, somewhere off the legendary Pacific Island of Palau, Marc Povey, Captain of the Palau Aggressor II (PAII), says: “The current will gently push you down Ulong channel, which will give you the chance to photograph giant clams at your leisure before we pick you up on the opposite side.” Okay, [...]

The mighty Rocky Mountains greet you as you wind your way north to Port Hardy, where black bears, deer and bald eagles flow by on the highway. Port Hardy is a small fishing port, but it is the gateway to some of the world’s best cold water diving. The islands around Port Hardy are flooded […]

Egypt is an ancient land full of mysteries, contradictions, contrasts and beauty. Located in the northeast corner of Africa, this desert nation is bordered to the north by the Mediterranean Sea and to the east by the legendary Red Sea. Scuba divers arrive in droves to sample the Red Sea’s bountiful underwater riches, which have [...]