Dr. Alexander Sledkov reveals the Russian deep diving achievements during the last century At the beginning of the 17th century, the profession of a diver (vodolaz in Russian, meaning, “getting into water”) appeared in Russia. In the peace treaty signed between Russia and Sweden in 1721 – after the war – the right to recover sunken goods from [...]
It all started in 1934, in the rocky coves near Marseilles, on the Mediterranean coast of Southern France. An emblematic forerunner of underwater activities, Georges Beuchat desired to communicate his fascination for the sea and spearfishing to the public, later inventing the iconic speargun, as well as the celebrated isothermal wetsuit, thereby catapulting scuba diving [...]

James Cameron has channelled his passion for diving into several works, and was awarded the 2004 Hans Hass Award for his contributions to science and technology. Leslie Leaney introduces our Pioneer of the Week.

Still much remains unknown, although much has been discovered, in our oceans. Through geo-mapping and political arrangement, there are officially five – each with their own biodiversity, topography and quirks. We break it all down for you.