During our basic dive training, we are taught that if a dive doesn’t feel right we should abort it. The reality is, despite these lessons, many people find themselves on dives for which they lack confidence or experience to be undertaking. Such situations place unnecessary stress on the diver, both physically and mentally, and this can [...]
At DAN Asia-Pacific (DAN AP), we are starting to see an alarming number of cases where divers have continued diving, often for days, with symptoms of decompression illness (DCI). Despite having symptoms, some divers even decide to fly, which could potentially be dangerous. As divers, we need to consider the possible consequences of our actions, [...]
The Divers Alert Network (DAN) highlight the importance of monitoring air supply Running out of air is the most common trigger for diving accidents. It seems like a no-brainer, but several factors can affect consumption rate. Be air aware: Monitor your air supply. Incorporate gas supply into your dive planning. You can only stay under [...]
One of the most important pre-dive steps is dive planning. Learn as much as possible in advance about any dive site you plan to dive. Always do your homework Before you even head out to a site, make sure to investigate currents, depths, marine life, entry and exit points, surfacing techniques, boat traffic, environmental health [...]