dead sharks
100 MILLION sharks are slaughtered annually. How are countries’ practices and policies impacting the shark fin trade in Asia? Shark fin – and shark meat – is widely consumed in Asia. Shark fin soup is a notable Chinese and Vietnamese delicacy: Such is the prestige associated with the cuisine that it is traditionally served at wedding [...]
boat siren fleet
(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Generally speaking, the news of a merge doesn't get the masses particularly excited, especially when reported in dry, business-like terminology. But on this occasion, when a merge is accompanied by a significant discount on sales – well, sufficed to say, it's been turning some heads. The news is just in [...]
This "Walking" Fish Has Scientists Stumped © National Geographic This footage has got scientists all over the world scratching their heads. Off the coast of Bali, Indonesia, Emeric Benhalassa stumbled across what appears to be a walking fish. Speaking to National Geographic, Benhalassa said that it was “bizarre and pretty. … I thought that this could please the [...]
divers party june 2017
Picture the scene. It’s a full house – the bar is packed with a lively audience on the edge of their seats, patiently awaiting the news as to who has won the lucky draw. The number is called out, but no one answers. The number is called out again, alas, maybe the winner is on [...]
hmas perth gunners
The wreck of the HMAS Perth, an Australian naval vessel sunk off the coast of Java in 1942, has undergone extensive illegal scrap metal salvaging: To such an extent that 60% of the shipwreck is missing. The news is extremely disturbing because of the catastrophic loss of life that took place: 357 Australian sailors died when [...]
Jack O’Neill has passed away at the age of 94. In a statement, his family said he died of natural causes at his home in Santa Cruz, California.   This former Navy pilot was looking to keep warm while surfing in cold waters, and his experiments led to the invention of the wetsuit. In 1952, [...]