PADI has recently announced a change of ownership. A consortium of family wealth investors has now taken over the world’s largest dive training/membership organisation, which was founded in 1966 by John Cronin and Ralph Erickson. In the message from PADI’s President and CEO, Drew Richardson, the new owners constitute a group of “conservation-minded family investors” based in […]

Commonly referred to as the ‘panda of the sea’ due of its distinctive markings, the vaquita is endemic to the Upper Gulf of California. Various parts of the gulf are listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites due to the presence of biologically unique ecosystems, including ecologically and economically significant marine populations, such as the Vaquita. Yet despite the [...]
There are so many incredible women out there, making waves! From dedicated conservationists and scientists, to underwater image makers, freedivers, and cave divers!  We were honoured to have these "women of the water" at ADEX Singapore 2017! Keep an eye out for some of them at the next ADEX! From veterans like Sylvia A. Earle, [...]
There is a terror plot to kidnap tourists on Palawan island – a major dive destination in the Philippines. The Straits Times reported that Lieutenant-General Raul del Rosario, the commander of the military's Western Command, announced that intelligence had been received indicating that the terror group, Abu Sayyaf, were targeting Coron. This is a resort town in the north of Palawan, known [...]
It was a headline that you probably didn’t miss out on – “Porn star attacked by shark: See the Horrifying Video”. The footage went viral, and has been seen by tens of millions of people since it emerged last week. It was a catchy narrative – shark bites porn star and the promo ad for a [...]

Nature is full of some wonderful surprises – and some rather weird ones. This piece of news definitely falls into the latter category. We hear of parasites leaching onto their hosts, but rarely do we hear of them controlling their hosts! It does happen though – Tocoplasma gondii can modify the behaviour of rodents and make […]