Andrew is a long time diver, photographer and writer. Originally from the USA, he found the ocean and diving almost 20 years ago while working in the world of financial derivatives. His work had comparatively little on the enthusiasm for the underwater that he had discovered. After a move to Guam, he devoted himself full-time [...]
Aequorea forskalia
(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Photojournalist Suzan Meldonian is on a mission – to unravel the hidden – and rather unusual – critters of the ocean: to capture them with her lens, and to show her photos to a world that is unfamiliar with these creatures. And the purpose of this mission? To bring about [...]
corals and clowns
Mimmo Roscigno is a veteran with a wealth of experience few out there can match. From starting as a self-taught underwater photographer back in the mid-eighties, Mimmo now teaches photography at an Artistic Lyceum in the Italian city of Naples, where he has set up an experimental section for underwater photography and cinematography. His past experiences [...]
Raffaele Livornese's passion for underwater photography is relatively new. Born in 1970 in Ludwigsburg, Germany, he first journeyed to the underwater world in 2008—his destination: the Red Sea. Keeping an open mind as to what he may find, and with a bit of excitement at the prospect of a new experience, Raffaele embarked upon his first dive. What he [...]
whale tail
Life events took an unexpected turn for Wayne Jones. His decisions led him to the Philippines, and a good thing it was, too. It was here he met his beautiful wife Rina – and returned to the underwater world. His love for the ocean, diving and underwater photography was rekindled after a long hiatus. But [...]
Raoul Caprez's first foray into photography was unexpected. He was born in Switzerland in 1972, and when he was 14 years old, he stumbled on something rather bizarre in the snow – a camera, and a working one for that matter! This chance encounter changed his life, and directed him down the path of photography. The [...]