After two intense rounds of live judging, we are proud to announce the winners of this year's ADEX China Voice of the Ocean. Compact Camera Photo of the Year First Place Winner, Compact Camera Photo of the Year, Ricky Shushu (Hong Kong) Second Place Winner, Compact Camera Photo of the Year, Owen Yen (Taiwan) Environmental [...]
Growing up in Los Angeles, Brent Durand developed a love for the ocean since young. After graduating college, he got into landscape photography, shooting the Malibu sunset before packing up his camera gear for a night dive. It was only when he realised that he could take his passion for photography beneath the surface that [...]
Unlike some other underwater photographers we've spoken to, Tanya's career did not begin in underwater photography, but remained an unfulfilled dream for the most part. In 2009, she finally took her first dive into the water, where her love and fascination for sharks blossomed. Upon realisation of their imminent extinction, Tanya was compelled to reveal [...]
Imran Ahmad is one of Asia’s most celebrated and internationally published underwater photographer. He has been capturing the magnificence of life both below and above the waves for over 20 years. His style is different from anything seen. He is known for his experimental photography with light and motion. Imran graduated from Middlesex University with [...]
underwater tree
Sevil Gürel Peker is an underwater photographer from Istanbul, Turkey. After studying Archaeology and Art History, she worked on many surveys documenting underwater artefacts, both in the Mediterranean coast off Turkey and Northern Cyprus. During those years, the richness and the intelligence of underwater life, as well as the many alluring wrecks – ancient and recent [...]
Pete Mesley has always loved the thought of diving below the waves. But it wasn’t until he was living in London, England, when a friend was heading out of the door to do a dive course, that the idea materialised. Pete saw the opportunity and asked if he could come along, and it only took [...]