scuba spider
Meet the "Scuba Spider" – the only spider that lives exclusively underwater. Generally known as the diving bell spider or the water spider, this fascinating underwater creepy-crawly survives submerged in a rather incredible way: In the absence of gills, it makes do with its own "scuba tank" – an air bubble. Evolution has granted this little arachnoid some nice perks to enable its [...]
The sea sponge is one of the world’s simplest multi-cellular living organisms. They have been present on Earth for around 500 million years. There are over 5,000 identified species – 200 of which can be found in fresh water. The ancient Greeks referred to these bizarre creatures as “Zoofitan” – a unique category of marine [...]
species that clean
Keeping the underwater world clean and healthy is a full-time job for some species. Of course, a balanced ecosystem involves the participation of every life form, but there is also a whole host of creatures that have specific roles – cleaning other animals, filtering the water, and keeping some other species in check. Scientists have [...]
Seahorses are an elusive species that turn divers giddy with excitement. But what is it about them that fascinates people so much?   It's not a horse of course    Seahorses are unusual little marine creatures that belong to the fish family “Syngnathidae”, which includes seahorses, pipefish, sea dragons and pipehorses. They occur throughout the [...]

The naturalist Sy Montgomery once wrote that “no sci-fi alien is so startlingly strange” as an octopus. Aside from their obvious extraterrestrial-like characteristics – writhing tentacles, squishy bodies, bulging eyes and the ability to change colour – octopuses have a hidden, “otherworldly” feature. Along with other cephalopods such as squids and cuttlefish, they can edit […]

Video courtesy of Ruptly Tv On Tuesday last week, a huge, fleshy blob washed up on the shores of Hulung Beach in Serum Island, Indonesia. Running the waters red with blood and grease, and filling the air with an awful stench, locals rushed around the 15-metre long decomposing carcass, perplexed as to what on earth it was. [...]