The naturalist Sy Montgomery once wrote that “no sci-fi alien is so startlingly strange” as an octopus. Aside from their obvious extraterrestrial-like characteristics – writhing tentacles, squishy bodies, bulging eyes and the ability to change colour – octopuses have a hidden, “otherworldly” feature. Along with other cephalopods such as squids and cuttlefish, they can edit […]

Video courtesy of Ruptly Tv On Tuesday last week, a huge, fleshy blob washed up on the shores of Hulung Beach in Serum Island, Indonesia. Running the waters red with blood and grease, and filling the air with an awful stench, locals rushed around the 15-metre long decomposing carcass, perplexed as to what on earth it was. [...]
Commonly referred to as the ‘panda of the sea’ due of its distinctive markings, the vaquita is endemic to the Upper Gulf of California. Various parts of the gulf are listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites due to the presence of biologically unique ecosystems, including ecologically and economically significant marine populations, such as the Vaquita. Yet despite the [...]
Like so many divers and marine scientists of my generation, I was inspired by watching countless hours of The Undersea World of Jacques Cousteau: Whales, sharks, colourful coral reef fishes, and brilliant coral reefs! My first snorkelling experience came in seventh grade when I enrolled in a freediving course at the local YMCA in La [...]