En garde! It’s not easy to see the differences between sailfish and swordfish at first glance. They’re both lightning quick and have bills that look like they’d pierce a dingy. But on closer inspection, the differences begin to show.

As a world stands in shock, after a night spent staring wide-eyed at TV screens and poll swings – the fate of the environment remains unclear. The new president, global warming “conspiracy theorist” Donald Trump, has been elected U.S. President.

Scientists recently descended deep into the waters of Hawaii to explore underwater mountain ranges of dormant and active volcanoes, what they found was truly remarkable. Creatures behaving completely different to how they should, complex ecosystems hosting life forms living side-by-side that they believed couldn’t co-exist, and species of coral that could be new to science. The latter find being one that nobody expected – such an ecosystem to exist in the dim, cold, and mysterious mesophotic coral zone.