Asian Diver’s special ADEX edition, The Big Blue Book, is still out there waiting for you to discover it. A fact-packed bumper issue full of inspiring stories and eye-popping images, if you think you know a lot about seahorses, prepare to be schooled!

But this ain’t no ordinary source of information! We’ve got “edutainment” nailed with stories like these…

Hippocampus comes (Tiger-tail seahorse) © Andrew Marriott

Hippocampus comes (Tiger-tail seahorse) © Andrew Marriott


Everyone knows ADEX attracts the world’s best underwater photographers. Wait until you see what these genius aquatic shutterbugs have captured from the world of Hippocamp!

We’ve also gone and thrown in a comprehensive distribution run down for every recorded species of seahorse in the world, so if you’re still tailing a sighting of one particular little critter, let us help you hone in.

Man & Seahorse: Scuba for the Seahorse

Dedicating one of Asian Diver’s newest and best loved sections, Man & Sea, to the ADEX 2016 icon, marine biologist Maarten De Brawuer reveals the incredible impact these unassuming little fish can have on local communities.

Seahorses are one of the most sought after critters in any muck diving location, and, as such, can generate important revenue for coastal populations though the lucrative muck diving industry.

What’s Killing the Seahorses?

Project Seahorse gives it to us straight with the world’s biggest threats to seahorse populations. You love these magnificent little creatures? Better take prawns and shrimp off your menu quick smart…