Poorly managed equipment can severely compromise your safety. A common example of poor gear management is any equipment that is allowed to dangle.

Common “danglies” are combo gauge units, octopus regulators, torches, SMBs and slates.

These freely hanging items can:
• Catch on the boat as you enter the water
• Snag on reefs or wrecks underwater and on to boat ladders as you exit
• Become damaged when they snag
• Become contaminated with sand, mud and rust
• Cause gear to be dislodged and lost, or mis-located so you can’t get to it in an emergency


Octopus regulators
Do not just let them hang. They should be attached to the front of your body in an area we call the AIR TRIANGLE. This is the triangle formed by your mouth at the apex, and your nipples.

There are numerous ways to attach your octopus regulator, but whatever you use:
• The octopus regulator should be easily accessible for YOU and your buddy.
• The attachment is secure, yet it is easy to remove the octopus regulator for use.

HP gauges and combo gauges
They should be clipped close to your body and onto the BCD near your waist or armpit where it is still easy to lift the gauge up to read it.

Torches, SMBs and slates
These should be stowed in waist or leg pockets, or clipped directly onto your BC harness with no lanyards.

Talk to a dive professional about attachment and stowage options.

By DAN Asia-Pacific Director and Instructor Stan Bugg

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