To further advocate the public on seahorses, ADEX 2016 has invited the following marine conservationist to speak and educate about seahorses:

Amanda Vincent (Canada)
Director and co-founder of Project Seahorse
Keynote speaker for ADEX 2016


Amanda Vincent has a PhD in marine biology from the University of Cambridge and was Darwin Senior Research Fellow at the University of Oxford from 1994 to 1996. She is considered the leading authority on seahorse biology and conservation, and in 2000 was named a Pew Fellow in Marine Conservation. She also serves as lead scientific advisor and chair of the seahorse working group for CITES.


Chai Apale (Philippines)

Chai Apale_iSeahorse-PH
iSeahorse Project coordinator
In her role as iSeahorse Philippines coordinator, Chai manages outreach and communications for iSeahorse in the Philippines. She received a BSc in marine biology from Mindanao State University-Illigan Institute of Technology, where she studied the community structures of reef fishes. Before joining Project Seahorse, she was a coastal resource management trainer for the United States Peace Corps in the Philippines.








Dave Harasti (Australia)
Ambassador for Seahorse

Dr Dave Harasti is a Research Scientist for Fisheries NSW in Australia who specialises in threatened species (sharks, seahorses and turtles) and marine protected areas research. His doctorate study was on the biology, ecology and conservation of seahorses and he is one of the world experts in seahorses.








Maarten De Brauwer (Belgium/Australia)

Maarten De Brauwer 3
Maarten is a marine biologist at Curtin University, Perth, Australia. His main interests are rarity and extinction risk in marine fishes. His current research investigates the ecology and socio-economic value of critters important to the muck dive industry. He is also a dive instructor who has worked and trained divers all across Southeast Asia.








Richard Smith (UK)

Dr Richard Smith combines an in-depth academic knowledge of the marine environment with a unique skill for capturing stunning images. He aspires to promoting an appreciation for the ocean’s inhabitants and raise awareness of marine conservation issues through his images. A marine biologist by training, Richard’s pioneering research on the biology and conservation of pygmy seahorses, led to the first PhD on these enigmatic fishes.



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