Day 1

ADEX SINGAPORE 2018!! April 6-8Dedicated to SharksCheck out the footage from Day 1 of ADEX Singapore 2018! With our Scuba360 Business Forum, ADEX Official Opening Ceremony 2018, Mermaid Couture and performances, Image , Freediving, Film, Art and Book Festival, we are just getting started! Join us at ADEX Singapore for 2 more jam packed days of everything related to the ocean only at Suntec Convention Centre Hall 401 to 405!!Get your tickets now at Than Just A Dive Show.

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Day 2

ADEX SINGAPORE 20186-8 AprilSuntec Convention Hall 401 – 405Its day 2 of Asia's largest dive expo! Check out some of the highlights for ADEX! The 8th of April 2018 is the last day to join us at SUNTEC level 4, Halls 401 – 405! With over 10,000sqm of dive exhibitions, activities and festivals, we hope to see you there!Get your tickets at today!ADEX.More Than Just A Dive Show.

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Day 3

ADEX Singapore 2018 Highlights!

ADEX 2018 SingaporeDedicated to SharksHeld over the past 3 days from the 6th to 8th of April 2018, ADEX Singapore drew over 62,079 public and trade visitors!7 April: 15,8908 April: 25,1889 April: 21,001ADEX would like to thank everyone of our stakeholders, partners, sponsors, exhibitors, speakers and especially YOU, our visitors for making ADEX Singapore 2018 possible!Stay tuned for our ADEX Post Report and we hope to see you all again in 2019 for ADEX Singapore's 25th Anniversary, dedicated to the Ocean, happening from April 11 to 14, 2019!Till then, see you all soon!ADEX.More Than Just A Dive Show

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ADEX 2018

Having brought divers together for 24 years, ADEX has become more than a dive show – it has become a leader in Asia’s fight against climate change


Text and photos by ADEX Team


ADEX, the Asia Dive Expo, has become a familiar name to many dive enthusiasts around the world. The expo has been run for the past 9 years by Underwater360 (UW360), breaking attendance records yet again this year with 62,079 guests. The biggest and longest-running dive expo in Asia is, unsurprisingly, a mandatory event for the most avid divers.

The dive expo serves as one of the best platforms for divers to catch up and share their latest underwater exploits, but more importantly, it allows a conducive environment for ocean lovers to learn about how they can best combat climate change and protect ocean species.

Additionally, ADEX provides a platform for businesses and organisations – dive operators, equipment manufacturers, and national tourism boards – where the message of responsible stewardship of the ocean can be spread.


Every year, the show is dedicated to an endangered iconic marine species, with activities designed to heighten conservation awareness about the creatures. This year, ADEX returns to its roots by dedicating ADEX 2018 to sharks – the very first marine creature ADEX was dedicated to back in 2010.


Presentations focusing on these magnificent animals were shared by a host of renowned speakers, educating visitors about sharks’ roles in the marine ecosystem, the value of shark tourism, and how everyone can play a part in ensuring the long-term protection of the species.


Our most powerful tool against climate change is education – teaching each successive generation of humans to love the ocean will create far-reaching waves of change greater than the sum of its parts, giving us a fighting chance at stopping, and maybe even reversing, the damage wrought on the world by humans.

Kids’ Zone

This year’s Kids’ Zone featured two stations for young visitors. Shark Guardian’s booth offered children the chance to get temporary tattoos, expand their creativity at the colouring station, and take part in educational quizzes and games – not forgetting the Shark Guardian Drone making its rounds, quickly becoming a crowd favourite with visitors of all ages. For young ones with an interest in science, Sharks4Kids allowed children to become a Junior Shark Scientist, with the chance to do their own ‘work-up’ on plush sharks. Each student earned a Junior Shark Scientist Certificate after completion.


The OCEAN18 Festival is a series of activities and exhibitions that celebrates the beauty of the ocean and the enduring spirit of human exploration and documentation of its wonders. Divers, underwater photographers, and explorers shared aquatic exploits with peers through their music, films, and images.


Many of these divers were lauded for their efforts and achievements, with 18 of the top speakers receiving awards from ADEX for their contributions to diving and conservation. Many of these speakers also produced beautiful photobooks, giving visitors the chance to take a piece of ADEX home with them and support marine conservation.


The film festival featured films that focus on marine species and how human pollution has affected them. The films included Sharks of the Sulu Sea: Whale Sharks by LAMAVE, which documents a group of scientists studying large marine vertebrates like manta rays and whale sharks to help protect them. Films like PLASTIC OCEAN by Craig Leeson and Sea of Life by Julia Barnes examined the destruction of marine ecosystems by human activity to galvanise viewers to take personally responsibility for their lifestyle choices and protect the ocean. On a more optimistic note, Patterns of the Ocean by The Jetlagged, and Birth of a Marine Park by Victor Tang both document the successful implementation of protected marine areas to protect marine life in Indonesia and Singapore.


The Scientists’ Forum took place on the last day of ADEX, with accomplished marine scientists gathered to discuss the marine and dive issues of the day. Topics ranged from the basics of climate change to the often unforeseen effects that it could have on specific marine species. The panel of scientists included Kathy Xu, Karenne Tun, Judi Lowe, Alex Rose, George Woodman, Benjamin Kahn and Hazel Oakley.


Visitors thronged the Freediving/Mermaid Presentation Zone to sit in on presentations by expert freedivers, even striking up chats with individual speakers around the stage. The speakers spoke of their love for the sport, their achievements in the field, and many emphasized the accessibility of freediving for casual divers – all they needed to start freediving was simply basic training. Speakers also showcased the latest diving and underwater photography kit, and discussed new trends such as underwater hocky and rugby. With the theme of ADEX, many speakers also expounded the importance of environmental research and conservation.


Top freedivers, Jonathan Chong, Jean-Pol François and Suzy Lim, conducted workshops for participants wanting to experience freediving for the first time, giving visitors the chance to get up close and personal with the sport’s experts.


At the ADEX 2018 Book Festival, part of the Ocean18 Festival celebrations, visitors got their hands on the latest books from renowned writers and underwater photographers from around the world. Speakers gave in-depth insights on their books on the main stage and visitors had their books signed by their favourite authors


As in previous years, the TekDive conference brought together speakers, enthusiasts, and those curious to learn more, driven by the desire to explore the confines of a cave, a wreck, or find undiscovered life forms lurking in the deeper ocean trenches. The conference has become a go-to event for those who are passionate about tek diving – a place where they can network, share their experiences and tap into knowledge from the veterans and experts. The various presentations included topics on prime underwater environments, tek diving adventures and experiences, as well as the latest technology.


One of the most anticipated events in the ADEX programme, the ADEX 2018 Photo Video Zone was, once again, a back-to-back serving of famous personalities, beautiful images, and insider tips on capturing award-winning pictures like the pros.

Many presentations only had standing room, with crowds lured in by underwater photography superstars like Laurent Ballesta, Roger Munns, Marty Snyderman, Aaron Wong, Imran Ahmad, Michael Aw and Tim Ho. The talented pros wowed audiences with tales of adventure, breathtaking images, and invaluable insights. The speakers waded into the crowd and mingled after their talks to meet and greet fans, answer questions, and provide inspiration for aspiring shooters beginning their underwater photography journey.


The swimming pool and try-dives drew great attention right from Day One of ADEX 2018. Children and non-divers got their first taste of diving under the constant supervision of professional diving instructors, while other dive enthusiasts took to the swimming tank to try their hand at fin swimming, and underwater hockey and rugby.


Guests at ADEX were treated to the sight of mythical sirens of the sea performing in the dive tank and swimming in the pool. There were gasps of awe all around as mermaids Hidy Yu, Dada Li, Eve Young, Syrena entertained and engaged onlookers. Adults and children alike were entranced by the beauty of the mermaids and huge crowds formed around the performance locations. Despite being from different parts of the world, the mermaids, some of whom are also accomplished scuba divers, freedivers and underwater photographers, have a mission in common – to share their passion for the ocean and educate people about marine conservation and the protection of the ocean’s inhabitants.


A crowd of over 200 visitors, speakers, trade visitors and exhibitors gathered in front of the main stage, patiently anticipating the start of ADEX Voice of the Ocean 2018 Competition Live Judging. The competition was a celebration of visual representations of the ocean and the creatures that inhabit it, drawing entries from all over the world. For this year’s live judging, we were honoured to have Laurent Ballesta, Ernie Brooks, Marty Synderman, Scott Tuason, Roger Munns, Michael Aw, Doug Perrine and Tobias Friedrich as our judging panel.

ADEX 2019

Preparations are underway right now for next year’s event. Get ready to have your expectations blown out of the water – it’s going to be even grander and more inclusive than ever! Think a dive show couldn’t possibly get more exciting? Think again! Watch this space for updates…

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