Most divers are aware of the relationship between clownfish and anemones. The colourful fish borrows the protection of the stinging tentacles, to which it is immune, and in return keeps the anemone clean and fends off potential enemies like butterflyfish by emitting a high-pitched sound. This type of long-term symbiotic partnership is known as mutualism, [...]
In today’s world, where tonnes of plastic flow into oceans every year, a mere mention of travelling on yachts might bring to mind opulence and wastage but the truth is far kinder and greener with Aggressor’s “Green the Fleet” sustainability initiative. Long known as the ultimate in liveaboard travel, Aggressor Liveaboards has expanded their partnership [...]
1. THE ISLANDS OF JOHOR The southern state of Johor is blessed with beautiful islands located far from the mainland. Pulau Aur boasts pristine deep waters teeming with pelagic fish, while Pulau Lang offers sightings of green turtles, bumphead parrotfish and blue-spotted stingrays, a common inhabitant of the Malaysian coast. The corals in this area [...]
A little-known piece of heaven lies between Redang and the Perhentians. This quiet, sleepy island is ringed by pristine, fish-filled water. Head out to dive the wrecks, and meet the whale sharks, and fill your surface interval with historical architecture and verdant topside ecosystems. Time to get Lang Tenggah on your radar! 1. TAMAN NEGARA RAINFOREST [...]
Conservationist, researcher, freediver, filmmaker: Madison Stewart is possibly one of the most tireless and inspiring young women in the water today, but, as she explains, there is no other option. (Text by Madison Stewart. Images by Juan Medina) I was 14 when the world turned its back on me. I grew up around sharks – [...]
With over 18,000 islands to choose from, which ones should you visit for the best diversity in marine life? Discover the beauty of Indonesia with Cat McCann as she takes you on an insider’s journey into the waters of Komodo Island and Pulau Derawan If you asked a muck-diving enthusiast for their “must-do” list of [...]