A field of fragile staghorn as far as the eye can see. Radiant soft corals swaying in the shallows. A cliff’s edge staggered by paper-thin plate formations. Everyone’s got their favourites, but our team cast their votes and chose a few of the world’s top dive sites for a pristine coral reef experience. Did your [...]
Wakatobi is one of the most celebrated dive destinations on the planet, and has been called a “dream destination” by more than a few visitors, but what keeps Wakatobi at the top of so many divers’ lists? For starters, the private marine preserve created and supported by Wakatobi Resort is home to some of the [...]
Welcome to the Blue Heron Bridge at Phil Foster Park on Singer Island, Florida. As you scan the car park, just a couple of metres away from the water’s edge, you begin to realise there must be something very special about this place. Countless people are donning dive gear. A parade of dive flags make [...]
“That was just incredible!” gushes Maria Gomez, a volunteer diver from Medellin, Colombia. We’ve just surfaced from a coral outplanting dive at Pickles Reef in Key Largo, Florida. Maria and I successfully put 10 endangered staghorn corals back onto the reef. The other dive teams on our boat also restore 10 corals each. High fives [...]
If you daydream as much as we do, you’ve already got your next three dive trips in mind. We take that even further and start thinking long-term! Here’s our ultimate, money-is-no-object 10-year plan for world-class diving in places we dream about often but have never been before. To read the rest of this article, check [...]
Marissa Stein, Communications Manager for the Coral Reef Alliance, provided a checklist for divers to make sure that the operators you choose to dive with are really committed to sustainable diving tourism. A sustainable operator should: Ensure and educate on sustainable diving practices, such as: 1. Using the buddy system 2. Maintaining proper buoyancy 3. [...]