IT MAY SEEM as if climate change presents an overwhelming problem. While the magnitude of the issues we have created cannot be understated, there is cause for hope! The good news is that WE have created the problem, and so WE can also create solutions. Each and every one of us has the capacity to [...]
CLIMATE CHANGE IS AN insidious entity, creeping up on the world and largely occurring so gradually that naysayers claim it to be an elaborate hoax by the world's scientists. Whilst many effects of climate change happen so slowly they're almost imperceptible, its impacts can be more concentrated in certain parts of the world. The most [...]
(Text by Jon Aars. Photos courtesy of Norwegian Polar Institute) A warm north pole poses complex issues for polar bears. Jon Aars from the Norwegian Polar Institute reveals all about the threats faced by polar bears. POLAR BEAR PREY Ringed seals are the polar bears' most common prey. Ringed seals are highly dependent on sea [...]
Immortalised for all time as the tragically sympathetic devourer of a family of oysters in Lewis Carroll's famous poem, 'The Walrus and the Carpenter", from Alice Through the Looking Glass, these majestic creatures were given a reputation as gentle, lumbering giants, soft-hearted victims of their own unavoidable appetite. And, as the world's second-largest pinniped [narrowly losing out [...]
After collecting microplastic debris from Singapore’s coastline in the period from April to July 2018, marine scientists from the National University of Singapore have discovered more than 400 types of toxic bacteria on these microplastics that can cause coral bleaching and infections on wounds in humans. The scientists from the NUS Tropical Marine Science Institute, [...]
ANATOMY OF AN EAR The ear is the organ of hearing and balance. Understanding its anatomy can help better illustrate why it’s essential to equalise. The ear consists of three distinct spaces filled with either air or liquid: the external, middle and inner ear. As divers descend in the column of water, environmental pressure on [...]