Few places on Earth rival the spectacular biodiversity and abundance of highly migratory marine megafauna of the Eastern Tropical Pacific. For quite a while now, it has been known that these highly migratory species are not randomly distributed throughout the ocean, but rather, form aggregations at three specific oceanic islands during their adult life stage: [...]
Back pain is a common occurrence these days with sedentary lifestyles, but it needn’t deter divers from enjoying their time in the water. Divers can manage chronic back pain whilst travelling and diving, plus take steps to minimise the chance of back injuries reoccurring Before the Dive - The Right Gear  Weights Weights   Whilst [...]
In recent months, an increasing number of well-known establishments are jumping on the bandwagon to ban single-use plastics from their premises. Such institutions include Seaworld Entertainment, Inc, which removed plastic straws and shopping bags from all 12 of its theme parks. Ikea, a Swedish furniture chain with 363 branches worldwide, announced that it plans to [...]
Unless you have been living under a rock, most of us would be aware of the dire situation that sharks are facing today. Stemming from a Chinese tradition of serving shark’s fin soup at prestigious banquets, the unsustainable and brutal killing of sharks to meet the demand has left sharks in a struggle for survival. [...]
We could smell the subtropical heat and humidity. Everyone who entered the Molnár János noticed that immediately. With every step deeper, the heat intensified, till I felt the sweat running down my back. This was a stark contrast to the cool outdoors of Budapest, thanks to the hot thermal springs that heat up the flooded [...]
Like most avid divers, I use any excuse to be underwater. After countless reef dives, muck dives, wreck dives and the like, I became dissatisfied, looking for a different underwater adventure to fulfil the explorer in me. That’s when I was introduced to cave diving. Diving the caves of Australia’s Nullarbor Plain is no diving vacation. [...]