Green Fins is a UN Environment initiative, internationally coordinated by The Reef-World Foundation, which aims to protect and conserve coral reefs through environmentally-friendly guidelines to promote a sustainable diving and snorkelling tourism industry. The Reef-World Foundation - the international coordinators of Green Fins - is pleased to announce Antigua and Barbuda has become the first English speaking country in the western hemisphere to implement the Green [...]
Good buoyancy control is the cornerstone of safe and enjoyable diving. Despite this fact, too many divers lack real skill in this vital area. Anecdotes abound of divers who, due to lack of buoyancy control, have a miserable and stressful time underwater. Diving fatality statistics highlight the role poor buoyancy plays in dive accidents: 1.In [...]
Such is the way of the 21st century that most places on this planet – be they paradisiacal or extreme – have been exposed on social media. In our increasingly globalised and interconnected world, it seems that we have covered everything there is to see or do on this blue marble. As a result, the [...]

On the eve of this cyber revolution, UW360 spoke to Diviac Head of Marketing, Sandro Lonardi, to try and get a deeper insight into just how the big companies involved in this change are planning to lead the travel-booking revamp.