Text by Karen Stearns, Images by Walt Stearns The world is waking up to the realisation that the oceans are not a dumping ground. And while some are calling for plastic bans and government regulations, a growing number of organisations and communities are confronting the issue head-on by organising waste reduction, recycling and cleanup projects [...]
Leatherback Beach, Papua, Indonesia. To sit on a sand hill under a starred canopy at the equator along a deserted beach is to hope for an experience that less than 300 have shared. Most who visit have travelled over 20,000 miles by air, land and boat to one of the most remote places on our [...]
By: Andrew Chin, James Cook University, Australia We’ve all seen those iconic images of plastic trash draped over reefs, or photos of dead or injured marine animals entangled or struggling in carelessly discarded debris. And who can forget the viral video of mantas swimming through a sea of floating plastic trash? You don’t need to [...]
By: Victoria Cassar There is no question that art is a powerful tool of expression during times of environmental and social injustice, which are often related. Today, visual artists of various mediums are pushing boundaries, joining forces with conservation organisations, and leveraging social media, to raise awareness about plastic pollution and its toll on the [...]
By Lindsey Dougherty Sea creatures like to show off. Whether it’s to attract a mate, scare away a predator, or blend in with the sometimes equally flamboyant surroundings, there’s no shortage of wow factor in the sea: Divers are delighted by mesmerising cuttlefish, alluring anglerfish, and the undeniably flashy “disco” clam. When we think of [...]
Text and photos Tim Ho Ever so often we go on dive trips and come back with a collection of photos that we share online to receive the oohs and ahhs of family and friends who think the bottom of the ocean is lined with all these amazing creatures we’ve photographed. Having spent most of [...]