Founded by diving industry pioneer Bob Hollis in 1972, Oceanic is a provider of modern, reliable, accessible and easy-to-use dive equipment to recreational divers. Bon Hollis founded Oceanic to make innovative, reliable dive equipment accessible to every diver every year, everywhere. This philosophy is central to the values of Oceanic and is the main reason [...]
James was born in the United Kingdom, with his first diving experience over 25 years ago in the cold, green waters of Cornwall, UK. “Being able to see things I had only previously seen on TV, and experiencing weightlessness as only an astronaut can (made me fall in love with diving),” James revealed. James knew [...]
The co-founder of Waikiki Dive Centre, John’s love of being in the water started when he was young. As he gradually moved into the ocean, the calmness of the sea along with the view of the amazing marine life in the ocean fuled his love for the ocean. John decided to go for the dive [...]
Alex Tan and his partner founded Fishermen Scuba Studio in 1989. Their decision for a diving agency was done purely out of love and enthusiasm for the sport. Their goal was to let everyone enjoy the benefits and fun of diving. Alex, who has eight years of experience in military as well as commercial diving, [...]
Kinugawa brings its customers only products of Japanese-made quality manufactured by Japanese workers and designed to enable Japanese consumers to enjoy the beautiful teeming seas with security – "Kinugawa Quality", the motto and policy of the Kinugawa Group, embodies this thinking. Kinugawa’s commitment to highly reliability and safe product-making has been unwavering since its founding [...]
Gideon Liew has been diving since 1984 and is passionate about scuba diving. He began his experience just like most divers, being in awe of diverse environments available in South East Asia from pristine reefs to mysterious wrecks. His love of the sport drove him to seek out a career in the diving industry in [...]