As the oceans warm, some fish species are migrating away from equatorial waters towards cooler areas closer to the poles. The optimum temperature range for coral is between 18 and 29 degrees Celsius. Corals can withstand short periods of warmer or cooler water. Corals in some areas have been shown to be much more tolerant [...]
The plastic pollution that spills out from the waters in Asia is rooted in the consumption of plastic from rapidly growing cities that are directly  contributing to the growth of some of the fastest growing economies in the world. The impact of this pollution on biodiversity across land and sea is a far reaching problem [...]
When one thinks of manta and mobula ray research and conservation you might picture diving in crystal clear tropical waters while counting elegant rays flying overhead. In reality though it’s often much less of a dream job than one would think. On a typical morning in the life of Daniel Fernando from the Manta Trust, [...]
The classic coastal run along the pacific highway down the eastern coast of Australia is a well-worn path for avid travellers. For some, the trip can only take a few days; for others it can take an entire lifetime. Each year a similar path is forged by grey nurse sharks beneath the sea surface beyond [...]
Thailand begins with its people, who, like the food and the lifestyle, are often described as hot and spicy. Thailand’s beauty and hidden gems need no introduction, both above and underwater. But recently I was lucky enough to have been introduced to one of her most exceptional national treasures. Entering the dining area on the [...]
I was 14 when the world turned its back on me.  I grew up around sharks – diving, sailing, I was part of an ocean-obsessed family, and I made my home amongst the reefs. I began to gravitate towards sharks before I can remember; I related to them, I fitted in with them, the fact [...]