I WON THE TITLE of World Champion in 2006 and then again in 2008, the latter being memorable, having set a world record in the most difficult, but purest freediving discipline: Constant Weight No Fins. At the time that record was set, I had about 50 percent of my regular vital lung capacity due to [...]
Herbert Nisch, wearing the Sea Sheperd logo on his wetsuit, ascends from a dive Image © Herbert Nisch HERBERT NISCH “The Deepest Man on Earth” with a No Limit freedive to 253m/831ft, Nisch has set 33 world records, across all of the freediving disciplines. Underwater360: How has breaking records changed you? Herbert Nisch: Breaking records [...]
Would you believe that scientists are still not 100 percent in agreement on the possible location for the origins of life on our planet! However, they know that water is a key component in the development and propagation of life on Earth, and have narrowed it down to a few possibilities: Hypothesis 1   It [...]
The Primordial Form of Underwater Diving Mention underwater diving and images of compressed air tanks, air regulators, wet suits and snorkels inevitably come to mind. With the constant innovation of diving gear enabling us to go deeper and longer underwater, it’s easy to forget that underwater diving began as a simple act of holding your [...]
Do you know how technical diving got its name, its history and evolution to its present status as the vanguard of diving? Read on to find out. Though still regarded as crazy by some in the military and commercial diving circles, technical diving, which just turned 32 years old, is no longer considered the radical [...]
AS THE WORK WEEK ends in Shanghai, a group of divers prepares to journey 400 kilometres southwest to Qiandao Lake (千岛湖), meaning “Lake of 1,000 islands”, in Zhejiang Province, China – for an adventure like no other. The mysterious lake was formed 60 years ago, in September 1959, when the Xin’an River was dammed to [...]