Natural history filmmaking is more than just a job. It defines your goals, characterises your ambitions, becomes your way of life. I’m often asked how I got into this business. It’s a career no one (especially me!) would have imagined, much less predicted, for my future. I grew up a city girl, born to city [...]
Gender-related topics almost invariably come up when I talk about my work as a scientist. Conversations that start about my work with manta rays always seem to circle around to probing questions about the challenges of being a female researcher. I find people’s interest in this subject perplexing. Sure, being a field researcher is hard… [...]
1300 BC: A merchant ship, laden with treasures from seven different cultures and commodities of Cypriot origin, was traveling on a 1,700-mile trade route when it sank for unknown reasons at Cape Uluburun (near Kas on the south coast of the Antalya region of Turkey). Much knowledge about prehistoric trade and nautical navigation during the [...]
There is no mythology or religion in the world that does not tell of how life originated on Earth. In all of them, there are references to the primordial ocean, where it is believed the first forms of life sprung from. One need only see the abundance of symbolisms that originate from the ocean’s most [...]

Learning to dive with the local sub-aqua club as a teenager got me up close to time capsules from the past, and I quickly developed “the lust for rust”. With such a long tradition in maritime trade and warfare, British waters are famous and popular for one particular type of diving – wreck diving. Being […]

Here’s a curated list of the top 10 most famous wrecks found in the Asia-Pacific region, listed in no particular order     1.The Hardeep Hailed as one of the world’s most dangerous wrecks, the Hardeep was used by the Japanese in World War II to carry freight before it sank in 1941. The strong […]