Good buoyancy control is the cornerstone of safe and enjoyable diving. Despite this fact, too many divers lack real skill in this vital area. Anecdotes abound of divers who, due to lack of buoyancy control, have a miserable and stressful time underwater. Diving fatality statistics highlight the role poor buoyancy plays in dive accidents: 1.In [...]
MOST WOULD associate the word “hypothermia” with the severe form of the condition. In fact, lesser degrees of hypothermia occur when the body loses heat faster than it can produce it – something that is very common in diving. Significant drops in body temperature will affect mental activity, reasoning and cognitive function, increasing the risk [...]
All divers love to dive, sometimes they do so in spite of themselves. The following are in the list of NOs for safe diving: Very serious head injury even in the remote past, epilepsy, active asthma, spontaneous pneumothorax, CNS (brain and spinal cord) disease, including tumours and previous CNS DCS, uncontrolled psychiatric disorders including drug [...]
INEXPERIENCE is often listed as a factor during analyses of deaths on roads, falls in climbing and fatalities in diving. But what is experience, and how does it affect divers’ risk of injury? Experience involves some exposure to diving, but more than that it implies learning from that exposure, developing judgment about what to do [...]
1 TOTAL FREEDOM: Freediving, as the name suggests is diving with almost total freedom: No heavy, expensive gear, no maximum ascent rates, closer interactions with marine life and totally new challenges. 2 DISCIPLINES: There are seven different freediving disciplines; some are about about maximising the distance swum underwater, or the depth reached; others are about [...]
Diving can be strenuous. There are tanks to lift, currents to fin against, boats to clamber back onto, waves to walk through. So, we know it’s important to be in reasonable shape for excursions beneath the waves, but does this mean that there is an upper age limit to your diving career? In short, no, [...]