Mastering the art of getting your buoyancy spot on (Text by Marty McCafferty, EMT-P, DMT, and Patty Seery, MHS, DMT. Images by Stephen frink) Early in dive training, students learn that there are three elements involved in buoyancy control: the buoyancy compensator (BC), weights and lung volume. Although most divers are familiar with the need [...]
One of the pioneers of tech diving, Michael Menduno is a legendary figure in the technical diving world. Watch out as he writes about a different topic that most people like me had never heard about – technical freediving. Briefly going over the history of tech diving at the start of his talk, Michael talked [...]
DAN AP Member Peter Wilson has endured huge challenges over the past decade, having nearly lost his life and being told by doctors he would be unlikely to walk again. Then he discovered scuba diving and felt extremely free in the water. Inspired, Peter is working to share a scuba diving experience with other people [...]
Do you want to dive like a boss? Alex Griffin reveals how you can fine-tune your diving technique and attitude, and why it matters (Text by Alex Griffin. Illustration by John Grainger) Most of us have probably made contact with the coral reef at some point in our diving career. Usually it’s accidental, and how [...]
I vividly remember the first time I was told that my son, Richard, has autism. He had just turned four, and after his doctor said that he probably had a speech delay, further testing was done. When the diagnosis finally came back as autism, I was heartbroken, thinking that there would be so many things [...]
Diving into the Blue Abyss need not be an outdoor activity anymore. Next year, Blue Abyss, the biggest, deepest indoor pool in the world will open in Colchester, near London. Reaching as deep as 50 metres, the Blue Abyss is ten metres deeper than the Y-40 in Italy and is set to be the most [...]