Text and images by Kurt Amsler American whalers came to the Azores, a distant 1,564 kilometres off the coast of Portugal, in the early 19th century. Although they did not initially operate in these waters, the islands were used for provisioning and supplementing crews with young men from the archipelago. In time, Azoreans took up [...]
I’ve always been intrigued by images that are different from the norm. To me, the world looks better sliding of the planet; using colours, composition, subjects, focus and occasionally techniques to change the way we see things. Back in the day, I used to spend hours in the library reading about experimental photographic techniques. As [...]
The first hurdle of night diving is to actually do it. Getting a beer at the bar and calling it a day is often more tempting than jumping into the water again. But once in, there is almost always one encounter or one shot that makes forgoing that beer worth it. For the best results, [...]
After two intense rounds of live judging, we are proud to announce the winners of this year's ADEX Voice of the Ocean. Compact Camera Photo of the Year First Place Winner, Compact Camera Photo of the Year, Stephanie Quek (Singapore) Environmental Photo of the Year First Place Winner, Environmental Photo of the Year, Anders Nyberg [...]

Snoots are devices that reduce beam angles from light sources in order to provide photographers with more control over the illumination of their subjects. In their simplest form, snoots can be just cylindrical pieces of tubing attached to the front of a strobe or other light source. Other designs incorporate a fine grid – resembling […]

The Indonesian island called Sulawesi is most known among divers for Manado and Lembeh in the north, and Wakatobi to the south. Even the Togean Islands, nestled in the Gulf of Tomini, draw their fair share of tourists in search of adventure. But few divers venture beyond these highly regarded sites. Surely many other decent [...]