Snoots are devices that reduce beam angles from light sources in order to provide photographers with more control over the illumination of their subjects. In their simplest form, snoots can be just cylindrical pieces of tubing attached to the front of a strobe or other light source. Other designs incorporate a fine grid – resembling […]

THE ENCOUNTER The first day was interesting because, even with no bait, we encountered nine different great whites, checking out the cages – one of them, a 4.5-metre shark named Shredder, has been spotted at Guadalupe Island every year for seven years. He introduced himself to the boat seven years ago by biting off the […]

To honour those who have supported, influenced, and spearheaded Asia’s Dive and conservation industry, UW360 has put together a list of significant individuals. This list is by no means exhaustive, nor is it a ranking. We recognise that there are many other deserving individuals who have contributed to the industry, and we would like to [...]

My wife Sonia and I toured Raja Ampat recently on a liveaboard. One memorable day near Misool Island, we had enjoyed four wonderful dives, including a night dive, and were reminiscing about the day’s events with other guests over dinner. At about 9:30, as we were heading to our cabin and ready to call it […]

Imagine if you will, standing on a highway. You’re facing the oncoming traffic. That traffic consists of several huge trucks. You can’t see the drivers so you have no idea if they can see you standing there, alone on the highway. They’re moving fast and you have no time to get off the road. Your […]

Nudibranchs can be found virtually anywhere — from tropical coral reefs to the frigid arctic waters of the Barents Sea. They come in all sizes, from just a few millimeters to well over 30 centimeters (12 inches), and nudibranchs exhibit a variety of colors, bodyshapes, feeding habits and unusual biology seen in few other animal […]