SCUBA DIVERS, crews of conventional (non-nuclear) submarines and aquanauts living in underwater habi-tats have several things in common. One of them is reliance on compressed air cylinders for air supply. This has several drawbacks, the most obvious one being time limit. What if we split the water molecules into separate oxygen and hydrogen atoms? That's [...]
For the first time, ADEX collaborated with Scubapro Asia Pacific to kick off the year with the Scubapro Divers’ Party. With an overwhelming response of around 300 guests, it was an unforgettable night filled with laughter, drinks, and goodies! Brimming with excitement, guests began streaming into Dallas Restaurant and Bar, forming a line even before [...]

The new Aquatica AD500 housing is designed specifically for the long awaited Nikon D500 camera. With 21mp still image, 4K video possibilities, impressive level of low light performance, this Nikon D500 is a worthy addition to the DX format, a much appreciated sensor size for underwater photography.