By: Andrew Chin, James Cook University, Australia We’ve all seen those iconic images of plastic trash draped over reefs, or photos of dead or injured marine animals entangled or struggling in carelessly discarded debris. And who can forget the viral video of mantas swimming through a sea of floating plastic trash? You don’t need to [...]
By: Victoria Cassar There is no question that art is a powerful tool of expression during times of environmental and social injustice, which are often related. Today, visual artists of various mediums are pushing boundaries, joining forces with conservation organisations, and leveraging social media, to raise awareness about plastic pollution and its toll on the [...]
Text and photos Tim Ho Ever so often we go on dive trips and come back with a collection of photos that we share online to receive the oohs and ahhs of family and friends who think the bottom of the ocean is lined with all these amazing creatures we’ve photographed. Having spent most of [...]
Text and photos Howard Chen LANYU (literally translating into "Orchid Island") original name was Pongso-no-Tawo, meaning “people of the island” until 1946, when it was renamed after the local Phalaenopsis orchids. The island, located in one of Taiwan's east coast most remote islands, is accessible by sea or air. Daily Air is the only airline [...]
Text and photos Dharshana Jayawardena With the discovery of a World War I shipwreck over 100 years old, wreck diving becomes even more exciting in the island of Sri Lanka. AMONG THE COUNTLESS blessings that Sri Lanka has, one of the best-kept secrets is hidden under the ripples of a beautiful blue ocean surrounding the [...]
Text by Vandit Kalia & photos Vikas Nairi Subba After chasing wrong leads on night diving in the Andaman, Asian Diver finds one of the only legit sources of information and plunges into a rather unknown destination to discover sleepless bliss. While the diversity of marine life and the high biomass on the reefs of [...]