IT IS NOT AN EASY FEAT to achieve the dubious title of “Sex God”, and certainly not the “Sex God of Brooklyn, NY”. So how did this come about for a forever-young CUNY Distinguished Professor Emeritus at Brooklyn College? It was earned – the old fashion way! I have served as a university professor and [...]
I’ve always been intrigued by images that are different from the norm. To me, the world looks better sliding of the planet; using colours, composition, subjects, focus and occasionally techniques to change the way we see things. Back in the day, I used to spend hours in the library reading about experimental photographic techniques. As [...]
That day is forever etched on my soul, and though the memory has since faded and the horror diminished, it is still there like an old scar – a constant reminder that there is important work still to do, and that every one of us can make a difference. The question is, how? SANCTUARY FOR [...]
Once these little gems capture your attention, it’s very hard to break their magic spell. A gateway critter if ever there was one, nudibranchs combine the beauty of our ocean and natural history in a photogenic and scientific symphony like no other. Often referred to as “slugs” due to their evolutionary path, the grand designs [...]
RASDHOO MADIVARU is one of the Maldives’ most famous dive sites. Why? For its hammerheads, and for many divers, seeing these extraordinary sharks is their number one priority. I have guided countless divers at Rasdhoo Madivaru, and sometimes we have been lucky, but many times we weren’t, and not seeing them is always hugely disappointing. [...]
Wakatobi Dive Resort is considered by many to be a model of sustainable dive tourism. One explorer heads there to discover if this Indonesian operator in the heart of the Coral Triangle really does live up to the hype. (Text by Wade Hughes FRGS Images by Dr Richard Smith, Wade & Robyn Hughes) IT DID [...]