Beasts of Norway © Paul Souders

Beasts of Norway © Paul Souders

First off, it’s got to be said: this ain’t your ordinary, everyday scuba magazine. Anytime “AustralAsia” is linked to a walrus, you know something’s got to be up! But this issue isn’t about the geography – it’s about the experience. Ever shot a gun underwater or soared over a reef on a rocket-powered wheelchair (page 56)? Or been molested by a dolphin (page 60)? These are true stories that you have to read to believe.

For you shutterbugs out there, Jason Isley – a seasoned pro accustomed to sharks and whales – turns a little loopy, and finds himself playing with dolls (page 44). And when you’ve had enough of the strange, turn to our in-depth story on the dwarf minke whales of Oz (page 30).

But for the ultimate surprise a diver can experience, check out the story from our accidental peeper, “To Witness True Love from Below the Waves” by photographer Nicholas Samaras (page 61).

Brunei – Kingdom of Treasures

Journey to Borneo’s Brunei Darussalam, a tiny nation with a big future.

Indonesia – The Wonder of Wakatobi

For the quintessential coral reef experience, in the world’s most bio-diverse marine region, few places inspire the sheer awe of Wakatobi.

Feature – Ocean Critters Attack!

Macro photography takes a bizarre new twist, causing one photographer to doubt his sanity

Special – What It Feels Like

A collection of great stories from inspiring to strange, to utterly unbelievable.

In Focus – Zoom, Zoom, Pow!

Give your images a new dimension of movement and dynamism with this relatively simple zoom effect.

Scuba Rescue – Blindsided by DCI

A DAN Asia-Pacific member tells of his unexpected bout with decompression illness.

Sea Science – Curious Companions

Sleek dwarf minke whales gather in Australia each year leaving their human companions wondering: Just who is watching whom?

Discovery – Dottybacks

A surprisingly little-known family of fishes gets new members.