Connecting with the energy of the ocean... yoga below the surface with Delphine Robbe © Foued Kaddachi

Connecting with the energy of the ocean… yoga below the surface with Delphine Robbe © Foued Kaddachi

Continuing the magazine’s legacy of adventure and discovery, I am keen to bring you even more information from the front line of ocean conservation, where everyday heroes are fighting for the future of our liquid planet.

This new millennium poses challenges to our natural world unprecedented in the history of our species and our fragile coral reefs are one of the first ecosystems to bear the brunt of the effects of our changing climate.

As divers we have an emotional connection to the ocean, demonstrated by the breathtaking pictures and compelling narratives we receive from our contributors; we are a huge, ever-growing community of people invested in saving the seas.

We can all be champions of our oceans every day by reducing our carbon footprints and our use of plastic, by supporting sustainable seafood, and by helping to spread the word. Imagine the impact we could have collectively if each of us made small, simple changes in our daily lives? Together, we can ensure the survival of life in the water.

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