World record holder, freediver William Trubridge descending to the deep. Image © Lia Barrett

World record holder, freediver William Trubridge descending to the deep. Image © Lia Barrett

Check this out! We are super excited to present you with this new and improved Scuba Diver AUSTRALASIA!

It’s also absolutely fitting that this happens to be the “World Records” edition – with this new look and all-new content, we reckon we are now way ahead of the curve, and bringing you the world’s best from the big blue. We’ll now be covering the whole gamut of the world of diving in every issue, with unbelievable firsthand experiences, bucket-list destinations, the inside track on dive education, the newest equipment, incredible photography, and so much more!

This issue is a mind-blowing roundup of the planet’s record-breaking creatures, people and places, with everything from immortal animals (seriously, check out the feature on page 38), to people spending days underwater or diving to more than 250 metres on a single breath (page 30)!

Home to everything from the world’s fastest and deepest to its smartest and most deadly, this region’s waters easily take the title of the world’s most impressive and exciting. Are you ready to dive in to them in a whole new way?

Epic Stingray

An unexpected encounter with a ray that is either the largest stingray ever documented, or a whole new species…

Very Verde

With the greatest recorded shore fish biodiversity on the planet, you need to get the Verde Island Pass on your bucket list asap.

Sri Lanka’s Unorthodox Whale

Encountering a unique, resident population of blue whales, the biggest animal that has ever lived.

25 Record-Breakers in Asia Pacific

From the biggest animals, the most dangerous, loudest and slowest, to the deepest ocean explorations, Asia Pacific is packed with record breakers – some are deadly serious, others… just for fun.

Meet the Record Breakers

Dive champions Herbert Nisch and Sean McGahern describe the elation of breaking some of the toughest underwater world records.

Enter the Octopus

These humble cephalopods are the very weirdest animals on the planet, with, amongst other things, bizarre DNA that looks like it’s been put through a blender.