Issue 1/2014

Cover designed and created by UW360 team

Compiling the listings of dive operators in the world’s best destinations (p.58) and getting the low-down on the tantalising places that there are still to visit, gave rise to an almost uncontrollable desire to grab my gear and just head off into the blue. But I resisted the impulse to become a scuba gypsy, and so here it is: our second annual Buyer’s Guide for “diveaholics”!

If the destinations directory isn’t enough to get you hankering for sub-aquatic adventure, you can further stimulate your urge to dive by reading about the underwater wonders of Papua New Guinea (p.38), and the little-known and fauna-full island of Lady Elliot on the Great Barrier Reef (p.52).

The gear section should also whet your appetite for all the great deals on shopping that will be available at ADEX in April 2014. It looks like masks have gone micro, and fins have gone turbo, neoprene is slowly going petroleum-free, and sidemount configurations are firmly in the rec-dive mainstream.

It’s amazing to see how technology keeps moving on to help make our dives that much safer and that little bit more comfortable – just when you thought silicone couldn’t get any better, they go and add all kinds of newfangled ribbing to our mask skirts…

Beyond – Return to PNG

Splurge on the trip of a lifetime: heading into the wilds of PNG on a luxury liveaboard for remote reefs bursting with life.

Indonesia – Celebrating Jailolo

The town of Jailolo in Sulawesi’s neighbouring Maluku Islands are about to make a big splash as a major dive destination.

Australia – Lady Elliot Island

One of Australia’s best deals on incredible diving: a desert island eco-resort on the Great Barrier Reef with a laidback atmosphere and full-on wildlife.

In Focus

Pack like the pros and take your rig on tour without worrying about the cost of overweight baggage.

Alert Diver

Find Alert Diver facing page 48 for some informative articles from DAN’s dive safety, training, equipment and accident management experts, and some revealing conservation perspectives.