Scuba Diver OCEAN PLANET covers destinations around the world, responding to the needs of today’s divers. Tailored content provides readers with exciting insights into incredible destinations, with gear, gadgets and activities for time spent both above and below the waves. Scuba Diver OCEAN PLANET is published in collaboration with to include ‘Through the Lens’ – an entire section dedicated to underwater photography and videography.

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Latest issue: Through the Lens Collector’s Edition

Coming this January 2017, we bring you the most inspiring images from some of the industry’s greatest photographers. With a foreword by Paul Nicklen, stories behind the most incredible underwater shots, and photography tips and techniques, this is looking to be one of our most exciting special editions yet.

This image of a resting elephant seal is by world-famous photographer Paul Nicklen.


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Islands & Liveaboards Edition (Issue 6/2016)


It is said the world is a small place these days, and that if every plane in the world was grounded at the same time there would not be room to park them all.

So, are there any truly remote destinations left? Well, yes, plenty! In this jam-packed issue we go Off the Grid among the majestic icebergs and fjords of Greenland with Tobias Friedrich; to wild St. Kilda, the most remote archipelago in the UK with George Stoyle; to distant Truk Lagoon with Andrew Marriott; and review a fantastic new book on the haunting wrecks of tiny Palau by wreck expert Rod Macdonald.

We also visit the remote Tubbataha reef in the Philippines and the faraway Solomon Islands in our fantastic special feature on “Islands and Liveaboards”, which also includes Spain, the UK, the Caribbean, Bahamas, the Philippines, Fiji, Indonesia, Australia and the Red Sea. Something for everyone indeed.

To top things off, in this issue’s Through The Lens photography section, Erin Quigley of “Go Ask Erin” presents her extensive Underwater Photographer’s Guide to the Maldives, including all you need to know about shooting great underwater images in this stunning area, and the techniques and gear you’ll need to capture them.

As if all that wasn’t enough, we share the most incredible experience for veteran photographer Kurt Amsler witnessing the birth of a sperm whale calf, chat with charismatic big animal expert Amos Nachoum, and play with orcas in the Galápagos.

If you don’t find some inspiration in this issue for your next dive trip, you haven’t read it! Dive in to Scuba Diver Ocean Planet, your complete dive travel guide.

Special issue 2015: Through The Lens Special Edition (Issue 8/2015)

A dazzling showcase of 122 inspiring underwater shooters from around the world! Featuring pearls of wisdom from legends like Doubilet, Brooks, and Nicklen, the kit and settings behind some of the most famous pictures in the world, we’ll introduce you to some of the biggest names in the business through a gallery of images the like of which has never been seen before.

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Special Edition 2016: 101 Destinations to Dive Before You Die

Let the countdown begin to our 2016 Special Edition begin: We bring you the must-have list of dive destinations you just have to visit at least once in your lifetime.

The official publication of the Hans Hass Fifty Fathoms Award

The Hans Hass Fifty Fathoms Award is awarded in one of two categories: Arts and Literature in recognition of Professor Hass’ pioneering work in both underwater imagery and printed word, and Science and Technology in recognition of Professor Hass’ pioneering work in marine sciences and underwater technical innovation. The Award is a framed cast bronze plaque, designed and donated by ocean artist Wyland, showing an image of Hans Hass from his solo 1949 Red Sea Expedition.

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