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What is Trade360 all about?
Trade360 focuses on all things related to the business of scuba diving. It will cover seven main topics: marine conservation, marine tourism, scuba gear, dive training, dive safety, underwater photography and video equipment, and branding and marketing in Asia Pacific, so look forward to vital industry news and information, as well as engaging reads in the form of in-depth articles, interviews, and more.

Trade360 is for you if you’re a:

  • Dive centre owner/manager
  • Dive instructor
  • Dive guide
  • Marine biologist
  • Environmental journalist
  • Dive journalist/blogger
  • NGO worker/volunteer
  • Resort owner/manager
  • Liveaboard owner/manager
  • Scuba gear manufacturer
  • Scuba gear distributor
  • Underwater photography/video equipment manufacturer
  • Underwater photography/video equipment distributor
  • Underwater photographer
  • Underwater videographer
  • Dive shop owner/manager
In short, as long as you’re involved in the scuba diving industry or any business that’s related to ocean-based tourism, or even if you’re hoping to make a career out of scuba, be sure to check out Scuba360!
SCUBA360 Business Forum

Launching at ADEX Singapore 2016 (Apr 15-17) at Suntec Convention & Exhibition Centre, Singapore, the Scuba360 Business Forum is a series of conferences, panel discussions and presentations involving the industry leaders and key players in the scubaverse. The speakers will be covering seven related areas: marine conservation, sustainable marine tourism, branding and marketing in Asia Pacific, scuba gear, underwater photography and video equipment, dive training, and dive safety. Whether you’re a speaker or a spectator, make sure you’re part of this exciting event.

Marine conservation
Calling all scientists, marine biologists, environmental journalists, and NGO workers and volunteers: Sign up now to be a part of the dialogue on issues ranging from marine parks to shark finning to livelihoods for coastal communities.
Sustainable marine tourism
Join tourism board representatives, resort and liveaboard owners, dive operators and others to discuss strategies, campaigns, and other initiatives to support sustainable marine tourism.
Branding and marketing in Asia Pacific
Thinking of introducing a revolutionary idea or brand to the scuba diving world? Looking to explore marketing opportunities for your brand in Asia Pacific? Want to discover new ways to maintain your brand awareness? Whatever your goals, don’t miss this opportunity to witness fellow dive entrepreneurs and pioneers share their branding and marketing tips and tricks.
Scuba gear
Distributors, dive gear manufacturers, dive shop owners and managers: Plunge into the world of masks, fins, wetsuits, regulators, and more as you talk shop and focus on the latest technology, cutting-edge concepts, and all things related to scuba equipment. Discuss how to find more regional dealers and buyers and expand your brand to more countries in Asia Pacific. 
Underwater photography and video equipment
Do you have a business manufacturing, selling or distributing cameras, housings, lenses, lights, and accessories? Then get together with your peers, and the image-makers and filmmakers that use the gear, to exchange ideas about underwater photography and video equipment, the business of getting your images out to audiences, and how you can better market your brand in Asia Pacific.
Dive training
If you’re a dive instructor or the owner of a dive centre somewhere in Asia, and you have some involvement in, and are passionate about, quality dive training, this session is a must for you. Learn how you can find more dive centres to offer your dive courses.
Dive safety
Meet fellow dive doctors, dive guides, insurance experts, decompression chamber operators, and even those who’ve been involved in dive incidents. Discuss the latest developments in dive medicine, share anecdotes, share information, and help improve dive safety and accident management throughout the region.
The Scuba360 Business Forum constitutes a major opportunity for businesses in Asia Pacific to share information and get the inside track on the trajectory of the industry. Don’t miss out!
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