NEXT time you’re in Bali for a few days of diving, you might also want to consider adding dolphin watching to your agenda. But wait, are there dolphins in Bali? Absolutely! Bali does indeed have dolphins roaming about its waters. The island has whales as well, although the sightings are not as frequent as that [...]
Blue sharks are nomadic animals, have an extremely widespread distribution and can be found in both temperate and tropical waters. Perfectly designed to cover great distances, their long pectoral and tail fins and slender body help them to make lengthy migrations to reach areas of dense food resources and find potential mates. Tagging studies have [...]
Manta and mobula rays are fascinating and captivating creatures. Giants of their kind, they range throughout the tropical and subtropical oceans of the world. Born into a life of perpetual motion they must keep swimming to survive. Driven forward by powerful beats of their wing-like pectoral fins they travel the oceans in search of food [...]
The first time I visited Tenerife, I was captivated by the idea of shooting the resident pilot whales – a protected species requiring the permission of the Spanish government to swim with. It was a dream that seemed impossible. Back home, I could not abandon the thought, so I busied myself researching how to gain [...]
It was the summer of 2012, when I went looking for new and unexplored photo opportunities. It was then that I decided to venture into the open ocean and see what surprises this cerulean temptation may have prepared for me. First, I discovered that if I went far enough from the coast (about eight to [...]