Most divers are aware of the relationship between clownfish and anemones. The colourful fish borrows the protection of the stinging tentacles, to which it is immune, and in return keeps the anemone clean and fends off potential enemies like butterflyfish by emitting a high-pitched sound. This type of long-term symbiotic partnership is known as mutualism, [...]
For divers and snorkellers, the benefits of Wakatobi’s ongoing commitment to conservation are plain to see. Delve into the waters of the private marine preserve that surrounds the resort and you will find pristine coral formations and thriving fish life. But perhaps even more impressive are the things the big picture doesn’t reveal. Take a [...]
IT WAS A BLAZING hot morning and the water was as clear as glass. Cameras in hand, we descended slowly towards the coral reef below, inviting in its soft glow under the constant play of sunlight. Only minutes into our cruise, we were joined by a large school of neon fusiliers that was also exploring [...]
Text by Chetana Purushotham Images by  Scott “Gutsy” Tuason Evolution is often driven by the basic elements of survival. In this case, the need to eat. From the massive to the microscopic, the number and kinds of Technicolor beings we encounter on a coral reef is simply breath-taking. Divers and snorkellers the world over will [...]
We have much more mercury in our environment than ever before. Although mercury is a naturally occurring heavy metal it is also highly toxic. Conservation organisation WWF estimates that around 3,400 tonnes of mercury, two-thirds of the total amount entering the oceans, is emitted each year by human activities. Mercury And Seafood: 5 Facts 1. [...]
Many marine animals undertake migrations over thousands of kilometres every year, often returning to the place of their birth to breed, or known food sources. Humpback whales have been recorded only altering their trajectory from previous migrations by a staggering 0.4 degrees. The question is: How do they know where they are going? The answer [...]