Organised and hosted by AIDA Philippines and Freedive Panglao, the first Freediving School in Bohol, supported by the Department of Tourism (Philippines), Dive Philippines and Freedive Superhome, the Philippine Depth National Championship is a top freediving competition in the Philippines and is sanctioned by AIDA International.  Located at Panglao Island’s beautiful turquoise waters, with its [...]
WITH WORLD-CLASS DIVE SITES in the Philippines too numerous to count, diving in the Philippines is often defined by a handful of exceptional options. One of the most deserving but underrated spots is Mactan, just 40 minutes’ drive from Cebu City and with its own international airport. Boasting resorts to suit every pocket, Mactan has [...]
JUST OVER AN HOUR from Manila by plane, Dumaguete is the accessible capital of Negros Oriental, the Central Visayas province just west of Cebu. The commonest suggestions you’ll get when you ask about diving the Philippines from Dumaguete is the famous Apo Island for wide angle, or the local macro heaven, Dauin. But you’re unlikely [...]
ALIMATHA JETTY is a dive site located in Vaavu Atoll in the Maldives. The shallow sandbank near the jetty of one of its popular resorts is where most of the action happens. The average depth is 10 metres and the maximum is only 15 metres deep. To say the least, it’s a very easy dive [...]
MY FIRST TRIP TO VERDE ISLAND was so simply incredible that it had me altering our dive schedule to include several more returns during that visit. We were staying in Puerto Galera – the jumping off point for Verde Island. Puerto Galera has a thriving nightlife with restaurants, dancing, floating bars and live bands all [...]
BY NIGHT, pitch-black waters the world over provide cover for an array of miniscule plankton that migrate up from the deep to feed. Hachijo-jima, a small volcanic island almost 300 kilometres south of Tokyo, emerges from deep waters that are bathed by the Pacific’s Kuroshio Current, making it perfectly positioned to access this vertical migration. [...]