We could smell the subtropical heat and humidity. Everyone who entered the Molnár János noticed that immediately. With every step deeper, the heat intensified, till I felt the sweat running down my back. This was a stark contrast to the cool outdoors of Budapest, thanks to the hot thermal springs that heat up the flooded [...]
Like most avid divers, I use any excuse to be underwater. After countless reef dives, muck dives, wreck dives and the like, I became dissatisfied, looking for a different underwater adventure to fulfil the explorer in me. That’s when I was introduced to cave diving. Diving the caves of Australia’s Nullarbor Plain is no diving vacation. [...]

1. Beqa Lagoon Resort Where: Beqa Island, Fiji Diving: Beqa Lagoon is surrounded by one of the world’s biggest barrier reefs, stretching over 300 kilometres with an impressive variety of marine life and corals, including nine species of sharks. It has innumerable prime dive sites ranging from 5 to 30 metres in depth, with gentle […]

In 2006, I moved to the Dominican Republic and learnt to scuba dive. In front of our resort was a coral restoration project that continues to inspire me today. I knew nothing about corals, but from that moment forward, I knew I had to devote my life to the ocean and protecting coral reefs. Corals […]

Imagine if you will, standing on a highway. You’re facing the oncoming traffic. That traffic consists of several huge trucks. You can’t see the drivers so you have no idea if they can see you standing there, alone on the highway. They’re moving fast and you have no time to get off the road. Your […]

I’m floating in a blue void, 18 metres (60 feet) below the surfaceof the sea. Behind me, divers are busy exploring the expansive coral reef. But I am hanging silently, breathing lightly and intently listening. The songs of whales have me captivated. I can hear their deep grunts and plaintive moans. I listen here for [...]