After a long first day of travel, our small group wasted no time on our second day. We quickly chartered a boat and headed straight for the world famous dive site known as Manta Point. We were understandably tired after air and overland travel, but fortunately for us, the Artotel Sanur hotel afforded us a [...]
IT HAS BEEN SAID that we know more about the moon than we know about our own oceans, but just how connected are the two? We all know that the moon and sun control our tides, but we are only just starting to understand how the moon controls fish aggregations and spawning events. It’s no [...]
The sardine run happens in the winter months from May to August, when millions of sardines, Sardinops sagax, leave the southern Cape waters of the Agulhas bank, to follow the cold, nutrient-rich body of water up the African coast to Kwazulu Natal. This belt of cold water in which the sardines travel is formed by [...]
Nicknames and legends are usually outlandish exaggerations of certain facts or myths. Very rarely, if ever, does the truth outstrip the fantasy of a myth. Widely known as the land of a thousand islands, you'd think the actual number of islands in Indonesia would be in the high 900s at best – and you would [...]
There are many great shark dives in the world, but how many offer a multi-level dive all year round, on which you can have close encounters with up to nine different species of shark – blacktips, whitetips, grey reefs, silvertips, tawnies, sickle fins, lemons, tigers and bulls? The answer is only one. Just 20 minutes [...]