Text Bogdana Vashchenko | Photo Viktor Lyagushkin The Blue Lake is a beautiful karst spring, which is located in Kabardino-Balkaria in the Caucasus mountains in the South of Russia. At 235 metres in length, 130 metres wide and 258 metres deep, the Blue Lake is currently considered to be the second largest karst source in [...]
Text and Photos David Hall My very first dive was in icy water at an abandoned quarry in New York State in early spring. The underwater visibility was less than a foot and I could barely make out the dive instructor’s hand signals as he watched me demonstrate my skills. I came away with basic [...]
Green Island is located southeast of Taiwan, a small primitive island 33 kilometres from Taitung City. The climate here is sub-tropical – warm, humid and windy conditions throughout the year. The average temperature is about 27°C during summer (July and August) and around 20°C during winter (January and February). Nonetheless, dive season lasts for a [...]
The word “exploration” often sounds like too much work for the average recreational diver. However, there are strong links that explorers and exploration have with everyday diving and conservation. If we look at the world’s marine parks and sanctuaries, we might wonder how they all started. The fact is, all parks, sanctuaries and destination resorts [...]
Wangi-wangi, Kaledupa, Tomia and Binongko are the four largest islands of what used to be known as the Tukangbesi Archipelago in Southeast Sulawesi, Indonesia. Today, the first two letters of the names of each of these islands form the official new name of this district (since 2003) and the name of the luxury diving resort [...]
LOCATED AT a staggering altitude of 5,100 metres, Lake Puma Yumco (普莫雍错) would most certainly deter the amateur and the faint-hearted – but not a group of exploratory divers set out to conduct wildlife investigations in one of Earth’s most challenging freshwater environments. According to the Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI), any time you [...]