CORAL TRIANGLE The distribution of marine species is not the same between different areas of the ocean. Richness differs dramatically between regions due to the many pressures that have moulded each community over millions of years. The world’s highest marine biodiversity is found in a relatively small area known as the “Coral Triangle”. The Coral [...]
Liveaboard diving trips are becoming increasingly popular. That’s especially true in Asia, where remote dive sites and limited infrastructure create the need for “traveling dive shops.” Whether the aim is to reach distant archipelagos or see as many dive sites as possible in one week, liveaboard holidays offer an unmatched advantage. If an “eat, sleep, [...]
Like the Apollo 8 US astronauts who were inspired to read from the bible after witnessing the beauty of the moon from their spacecraft, the splendour of the underwater galaxy in Palau’s pristine waters has been cited by many as the moment they truly fell in love with marine ecology and scuba diving. An island [...]
We could smell the subtropical heat and humidity. Everyone who entered the Molnár János noticed that immediately. With every step deeper, the heat intensified, till I felt the sweat running down my back. This was a stark contrast to the cool outdoors of Budapest, thanks to the hot thermal springs that heat up the flooded [...]
Like most avid divers, I use any excuse to be underwater. After countless reef dives, muck dives, wreck dives and the like, I became dissatisfied, looking for a different underwater adventure to fulfil the explorer in me. That’s when I was introduced to cave diving. Diving the caves of Australia’s Nullarbor Plain is no diving vacation. [...]

1. Beqa Lagoon Resort Where: Beqa Island, Fiji Diving: Beqa Lagoon is surrounded by one of the world’s biggest barrier reefs, stretching over 300 kilometres with an impressive variety of marine life and corals, including nine species of sharks. It has innumerable prime dive sites ranging from 5 to 30 metres in depth, with gentle […]