If you’re up for field-based science, Indiana Jones style, one of the world’s wildest, most remote, and most radical research stations is the place for you. Meet the Andaman and Nicobar Environmental Team, who are ready to host you in their living laboratory – India’s Andaman Islands, where the waters are bursting with life, and [...]
Descending through the clear blue water towards a huge rocky boulder, my guide leads me towards a photogenic pygmy seahorse. Clinging to a branch of coral and swaying to and fro in the gentle current, it’s a shy and elusive creature that turns its back to me before deciding otherwise. Doubt and disbelief turn to [...]
RASDHOO MADIVARU is one of the Maldives’ most famous dive sites. Why? For its hammerheads, and for many divers, seeing these extraordinary sharks is their number one priority. I have guided countless divers at Rasdhoo Madivaru, and sometimes we have been lucky, but many times we weren’t, and not seeing them is always hugely disappointing. [...]
You must have heard stories about diving in Manado, Indonesia, and if so, you will certainly have been inspired to dive there after seeing pictures of its exotic inhabitants and beautiful coral covered walls. Yes – it’s a beautiful place. However, I recently had the opportunity to discover some of Sulawesi’s secret spots, dive sites [...]
NOWADAYS IT’S HARD to find something truly new and unexplored; it seems that every part of our planet has already had its details revealed, from the northern pole to the southern one. Yet we still seek the unknown, the remote and untouched, and experiences that push the boundaries of the norm. Can these experiences still [...]
With its rich, diverse culture, extraordinary natural history and exceptionally dramatic landscapes, Taiwan really is an underappreciated destination. It also happens to offer a variety of fantastic diving, all year round 1 YEH LIU GEO PARK An alien landscape of incredible rock formations, weathered over the years to form a veritable geological Disneyland 2 YANGMINGSHAN [...]