Text and photos Tim Ho Ever so often we go on dive trips and come back with a collection of photos that we share online to receive the oohs and ahhs of family and friends who think the bottom of the ocean is lined with all these amazing creatures we’ve photographed. Having spent most of [...]
Text and Photos Pierre Eric Deseigne Foray into ancient springs. It has been one of the most incredible stories of cave diving today, having made an entirely new discovery in what is an unseeming location for diving. Reminiscent of the Himalayas, the clandestine caves discovered are protected by imposing summits and Everest-like statures. Arriving for [...]
Text and Photos Bo Mancao The collection is shot at many of the Philippine islands’ best dive sites, including Anilao, Mactan, Moalboal, Malapascua, Bohol and Dumaguete. While the bright hues of coral reefs are indeed an impressive sight, the spectacle of colour and movement creates a challenge for the photographer wishing to focus on the [...]
Text and Images by Erin Quigley Situated southwest of India and Sri Lanka in the Laccadive Sea, the Maldives is comprised of 26 natural atolls that envelop almost 1,200 islands. Ninety-nine percent of the nation is covered with water, and what little land there is barely breaks the surface, averaging an elevation of only three [...]
Text and photos Markus Roth When looking for a destination that offers everything, from endless drop offs to a shallow house reef, from the smallest shrimps to a dugong, where the paradise-like landscape above the water is mainly jagged limestone islands, white sandy beaches and a mix of rainforest giants and palm trees that immediately [...]
Text and photos Richard Smith Well into the 21st century, we imagine the age of species discovery to be over. The great expeditions, which filled museums with new specimens, are at an end. Remarkably, northern Papua’s Cenderawasih Bay has kept its secrets for millions of years. Here, numerous indigenous fishes evolved in its out-of-the-way waters, [...]