Text and photos Markus Roth When looking for a destination that offers everything, from endless drop offs to a shallow house reef, from the smallest shrimps to a dugong, where the paradise-like landscape above the water is mainly jagged limestone islands, white sandy beaches and a mix of rainforest giants and palm trees that immediately [...]
Text and photos Richard Smith Well into the 21st century, we imagine the age of species discovery to be over. The great expeditions, which filled museums with new specimens, are at an end. Remarkably, northern Papua’s Cenderawasih Bay has kept its secrets for millions of years. Here, numerous indigenous fishes evolved in its out-of-the-way waters, [...]
Text and photos by Chris Simanjuntak The trees surrounding the cave mouth resembled the Ents from The Lord of the Rings. Massive branches reaching skyward, they looked as if they were guarding the place. The constant breeze tickled the leaves, as if whispering, “This ground is sacred!” Their oversized roots crept down the contoured overhang [...]
Text and photos Justin Gilligan The maritime disaster on Christmas Island represents a timely reminder that we must not sacrifice our marine environment for the sake of a quick buck. In the dawn light, endemic Christmas Island frigate birds watch from the amphitheatre of cliffs that surround Flying Fish Cove, like silent sentinels in the [...]
Text Karin Van Beeck | Photos Dray Van Beeck At the foot of the Pulaki Mountains in the northwest of Bali, lies the beautiful bay of Pemuteran. Here, you can find spectacular reefs and a huge variety of marine life only a five-minute boat ride from the coast. It is a real divers’ paradise with [...]
Text Bogdana Vashchenko Photos Marek Zajączkowski During their annual expedition, the Spitsbergen Polish Academy of Sciences explores the ocean bottom. From year to year, sediments change the depth. The scientists wanted to know how quick it sediments affect changes at different depths, how it looks like and what plants and sea creatures live at a [...]