If you like large, charismatic vertebrates, then you should be a fan of the gargantuan Chinese giant salamander (Andrias davidianus). With a “family” history that stretches back to the dinosaurs, survival is in its genes. However, whilst possessing a unique genetic make-up contributes to its huge stature, it also brings unwelcomed attention, contributing to a [...]
That day is forever etched on my soul, and though the memory has since faded and the horror diminished, it is still there like an old scar – a constant reminder that there is important work still to do, and that every one of us can make a difference. The question is, how? SANCTUARY FOR [...]
Their elusiveness makes them a diver’s dream encounter, but for scientists studying tiger sharks, it is like finding a needle in a haystack. Since 2015, researchers from the Large Marine Vertebrates Research institute Philippines (LAMAVE) and Tubbataha Management Office (TMO) have been studying these top predators in the heart of the Coral Triangle. Tiger sharks [...]
At ADEX Singapore 2017, I was handed some drone footage that showed a trans-shipment of sharks from 15 industrial fishing boats just 200 metres offshore in East Timor. At the same time, I was also given a message that the Nobel Peace Prize winner, Dr Jose Ramos Horta, the former Prime Minister/President of East Timor, [...]
Once these little gems capture your attention, it’s very hard to break their magic spell. A gateway critter if ever there was one, nudibranchs combine the beauty of our ocean and natural history in a photogenic and scientific symphony like no other. Often referred to as “slugs” due to their evolutionary path, the grand designs [...]