May 18, 2019 - The first day of the Philippine Depth National Championship 2019 held at Freedive Superhome at Panglao, Philippines, saw new national records being set for China, Ukraine, Malaysia, Ireland, Philippines and South Korea as a total of nine new national records were established with four of them being from the Philippines. The [...]
Organised and hosted by AIDA Philippines and Freedive Panglao, the first Freediving School in Bohol, supported by the Department of Tourism (Philippines), Dive Philippines and Freedive Superhome, the Philippine Depth National Championship is a top freediving competition in the Philippines and is sanctioned by AIDA International.  Located at Panglao Island’s beautiful turquoise waters, with its [...]
EVERY ONCE IN A WHILE, in the pursuit of underwater discoveries, you stumble across something unexpected – but deeply fascinating. Such were the sentiments of Dr Nicholas Higgs, postdoctoral research fellow at the University of Plymouth’s Marine Institute, upon viewing a recent video recorded by remotely operated vehicles surveying the seafloor around the Southern African [...]
The phenomenon of whales and cetaceans beaching themselves in mass stranding events has frequently been explained by some scientists and media outlets as unexplained “suicidal” behaviour caused by some unknown misalignment of the whales' “sonar” abilities underwater. In findings published by The Royal Society B entitled Advances in research on the impacts of anti-submarine sonar [...]
WITH WORLD-CLASS DIVE SITES in the Philippines too numerous to count, diving in the Philippines is often defined by a handful of exceptional options. One of the most deserving but underrated spots is Mactan, just 40 minutes’ drive from Cebu City and with its own international airport. Boasting resorts to suit every pocket, Mactan has [...]
JUST OVER AN HOUR from Manila by plane, Dumaguete is the accessible capital of Negros Oriental, the Central Visayas province just west of Cebu. The commonest suggestions you’ll get when you ask about diving the Philippines from Dumaguete is the famous Apo Island for wide angle, or the local macro heaven, Dauin. But you’re unlikely [...]