After a long first day of travel, our small group wasted no time on our second day. We quickly chartered a boat and headed straight for the world famous dive site known as Manta Point. We were understandably tired after air and overland travel, but fortunately for us, the Artotel Sanur hotel afforded us a [...]
ADEX Beijing Ocean Fiesta saw an accumulating crowd of China divers and non-divers during the opening ceremony at the China International Exhibition Center, Hall 8B in partnership with Enlightened Creations and Guoye Culture. During the opening ceremony, visitors to ADEX Beijing Ocean Fiesta were treated to a cultural-exchange performance by the Tourism Promotions Board Philippines and [...]
The Ocean is one of the most mysterious places known to humans. Read on as Underwater360 brings you the top 5 amazing facts about the ocean! 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. For the rest of this article and other stories, check out our latest Asian Diver Issue 3/2016 Vol.142)  here or download a digital copy [...]
PART OF THE THRILL of diving is encountering the unexpected; you never know what is going to emerge out of the blue, or what critter you might discover hiding in the muck. But there are certain surprises we would rather do without underwater; running out of air, losing our buddy, becoming entangled, taking a hit [...]