In today’s world, where tonnes of plastic flow into oceans every year, a mere mention of travelling on yachts might bring to mind opulence and wastage but the truth is far kinder and greener with Aggressor’s “Green the Fleet” sustainability initiative. Long known as the ultimate in liveaboard travel, Aggressor Liveaboards has expanded their partnership [...]

In October this year, the Malaysian government announced a ban on plastic waste imports into the country following a public outcry when it emerged that more than 19 developed countries such as Australia, USA, UK and Japan had been sending their trash to Malaysia in the wake of China’s decision to ban waste imports in […]

Jakarta is planning to join the ranks of cities that have banned the use of single-use bags with the Jakarta Administration now in the process of drafting a gubernatorial regulation on this issue.   According to the head of the Jakarta Environment Agency, Isnawa Adji, the decision to ban the use of plastic grocery bags [...]
Threats Climate change A warming world means that sea ice is melting earlier and forming later every year. Polar bears thus have less time to hunt for food, and female polar bears have less time to build up the fat reserves essential for when they hibernate and give birth. This also leads to lower reproductive [...]
1 Mangroves are some of the most important ecosystems on Earth   2 Mangrove forests grow in intertidal zones and estuary mouths between land and sea. They anchor and protect coastal ecosystems, and make up a transitional zone between land and ocean, connecting and supporting both   3 Most mangroves live on muddy soils, but [...]

In the unassuming province of Negros Oriental in the Philippines, Roni Ben-Aharon walks you down the timeline of how Apo Island, the oldest continuous marine protected area in the Philippines which is home to 650 documented species of fish and over 400 documented species of corals, became a Marine Protected Area