Text Nick Coburn Phillips, Photos Imran Ahmad Wrecks have a profound effect upon marine wildlife. Built in all shapes and sizes and different materials, their contours and often-varied superstructure give rise to a myriad of “micro-habitats” upon which life can thrive! Besides the substrate, which many of these “historic wonders” of man-made architecture sit upon, [...]
The plastic pollution that spills out from the waters in Asia is rooted in the consumption of plastic from rapidly growing cities that are directly  contributing to the growth of some of the fastest growing economies in the world. The impact of this pollution on biodiversity across land and sea is a far reaching problem [...]
Volunteer groups in Singapore are cleaning up the island nation’s beaches and waterways and helping scientists assess the scale of local marine plastic pollution. (Text and Photos Nathaniel Soon) We have all likely come across the common narrative of the boy who aspired to rid his beach of sea stars washed up and stranded at [...]
Wangi-wangi, Kaledupa, Tomia and Binongko are the four largest islands of what used to be known as the Tukangbesi Archipelago in Southeast Sulawesi, Indonesia. Today, the first two letters of the names of each of these islands form the official new name of this district (since 2003) and the name of the luxury diving resort [...]
Exploding in a riot of life, the waters around these islands in the Indian Ocean are every diver’s wet dream. Text and Images by Imran Ahmad Where are all the fish?” An increasingly common question asked by divers and underwater photographers. However, if you dive in the Seychelles, this would be very last question on [...]
I was 14 when the world turned its back on me.  I grew up around sharks – diving, sailing, I was part of an ocean-obsessed family, and I made my home amongst the reefs. I began to gravitate towards sharks before I can remember; I related to them, I fitted in with them, the fact [...]