There’s something about our gaudy marine invertebrates that keeps the big blue buzzing with exciting revelations. Suss them out in greater depth as Underwater360 brings you 10 amazing facts about corals. 1. The Fungi sp. have single polyps that can grow to 25cm in diameter 2. Palau is home to 525km² of coral reefs 3. [...]
Over 100,000 of us visit muck dive sites in the Coral Triangle and spend up to US$150 million each year. That is a substantial industry built on “just sand”. The sand itself is a habitat, an ecosystem, that should be treated with the same respect as the coral reefs they are often adjacent to. Here [...]
The world is waking up to the realisation that the oceans are not a dumping ground. And while some are calling for plastic bans and government regulations, a growing number of organisations and communities are confronting the issue head-on by organising waste reduction, recycling and cleanup projects at a local level. This is the case [...]
Everyone loves seafood. But do you know the extent of how much we are drawing down on the ocean's resources? Read on as we reveal all... The global fishing fleet is 2 - 3 times larger than what the oceans can sustainably support. Fisheries support 170 million jobs Oceans provide 60% of dietary protein in [...]
“That was just incredible!” gushes Maria Gomez, a volunteer diver from Medellin, Colombia. We’ve just surfaced from a coral outplanting dive at Pickles Reef in Key Largo, Florida. Maria and I successfully put 10 endangered staghorn corals back onto the reef. The other dive teams on our boat also restore 10 corals each. High fives [...]