In recent years, debate on the subject of baiting the water to attract sharks has been on the rise. Many people feel that this practice may be harmful for both humans and sharks while others insist that it is necessary to help preserve the shark population.  A study published in July 2013 in Marine Policy [...]
Warming Waters As the oceans warm, some fish species are migrating away from equatorial waters towards cooler areas closer to the poles These changes in distribution will: Impact delicately balanced ecosystems in which each species plays a vital role   Have consequences for coastal communities in equatorial regions who rely on fish for livelihoods What [...]
In the middle of September this year, French authorities hired specially equipped boats with lifting gear to haul to the surface thousands of old tyres from artificial reefs. Researchers had discovered that the tyres were leaking toxic chemicals, including heavy metals, into the sea. This tyre reef sanctuary, located 500 metres from the Mediterranean coastline [...]
For 60 years, the blue whales of the Antarctic-Indian Ocean were massacred by commercial whalers. They are now one of the most endangered of the whales, but scientists are only just discovering their integral importance to the ocean. In 1964, the guns fell silent. A massacre lay before them, a familiar sight from the relentless [...]