In-water skills are important for productive interactions with often elusive marine life. Here are a few tips that may accelerate the learning curve. DIVE GEAR Mask The mask is probably the most significant piece of personal gear because it’s important to both see your subject clearly and have an unobstructed view through your camera housing’s [...]
1 Pack Light! You will be spending most of your time in your swimsuit or your wetsuit. A couple of pairs of shorts, T-shirts, sarong, and something a bit warmer for the evenings is ideal. No need to rival Jackie O in the wardrobe stakes! 2 Location, Location, Location! Check your arrival and departure locations. [...]
WHAT IS MUCK? The term “muck” originates from diving in muddy and murky conditions in an environment where the seafloor consists predominantly of sediment, sand (often black volcanic sand), fine silt, rocks and dead corals or coral rubble. At some muck diving sites you’ll also find small, sporadic clusters of coral or patches of anemones [...]
Unsure about what to do when shooting sharks underwater? Daniel Norwood provides valuable tips on how to get the perfect shark shot in a responsible way Sharks are some of the most amazing and successful predators in the animal kingdom, and despite years of rampant overfishing, which has decimated populations globally, it is still possible [...]
Diving, when done properly, should be a Zen-like amble through Poseidon’s realms. But to maximise your safety and keep any stress at bay, it’s still important to ensure that your bod is dive ready. Full body A certain degree of flexibility is important in diving.  We’re not suggesting you need to be able to tie [...]

It is something every dive-master or dive guide experiences at least once – that heart-stopping moment when a diver in your charge suddenly bolts for the surface. You assemble the other divers to accompany you or you leave them in the care of an assistant and you ascend slowly, praying that the diver who bolted […]