After collecting microplastic debris from Singapore’s coastline in the period from April to July 2018, marine scientists from the National University of Singapore have discovered more than 400 types of toxic bacteria on these microplastics that can cause coral bleaching and infections on wounds in humans. The scientists from the NUS Tropical Marine Science Institute, [...]
Bali has announced its plan to ban single-use plastics such as plastic bags, styroafoam cutlery and straws, according to a report by the Jakarta Post published on 25 December 2018. Intended as a first step towards reducing marine plastics in Bali by 70 percent in 2019, the policy has a grace period of six months [...]

Barely six months after Coles and Woolworths, the two biggest supermarket chains in Australia, started carrying out the government’s ban on single-use plastic bags in late July, usage of plastic bags has dropped by 1.5 billion plastic bags or 80% in the country.   According to David Stout, the manager of industry policy at the […]

In October this year, the Malaysian government announced a ban on plastic waste imports into the country following a public outcry when it emerged that more than 19 developed countries such as Australia, USA, UK and Japan had been sending their trash to Malaysia in the wake of China’s decision to ban waste imports in […]

Jakarta is planning to join the ranks of cities that have banned the use of single-use bags with the Jakarta Administration now in the process of drafting a gubernatorial regulation on this issue.   According to the head of the Jakarta Environment Agency, Isnawa Adji, the decision to ban the use of plastic grocery bags [...]
Another mass stranding of whales occurred in southeast Australia when 28 whales were found dead on the beach on November 28. A pilot in a private aircraft had spotted a humpback whale and 27 pilot whales stranded on the beach after having flown over the Croajingolong National Park in Victoria state on Tuesday afternoon.   [...]