Why it's always a good idea to man up, pile on that neoprene, and get back in the water for another go, even if cold water diving is not your thing. It’s a personal life goal of mine to sneakily try to get myself to do things I don’t want to do. Sometimes this means [...]
The massive Lake Malawi is no ordinary body of water. Five hundred metres above sea level and around 800 metres deep, it is home to more fish species than any other lake on the planet. (Text and photos by Scott Bennett) Created by immense geological forces that are gradually tearing the continent apart, known as [...]
Diving the best destinations in the world often requires adventure-seekers to embark upon long journeys to remote and distant locations. Their reward for travelling off the beaten track? Rare underwater encounters and unspoiled dive sites. In this regard, nowhere can compare to the Galápagos. The nearest land mass to this famous archipelago of volcanic islands [...]
Land and seascapes that put the “wild” in wilderness; diving in eastern Papua New Guinea is about being immersed in mystique, and surrounded by all creatures great and small. As you approach from the air, clouds drape over the spine of the Owen Stanley Mountain Range, obscuring bits and pieces of the lush forests. Green [...]
When the 16th-century Portuguese sailors sailed past Taiwan, they exclaimed, “Ilha Formosa!” or, “Beautiful island!” Little did they know that the most alluring part of Taiwan actually lay underwater, right beneath their ships. In the summer of 2014, Ben Sarinda and I were invited to Taiwan by Fun-in Underwater Photographic Equipment Co. Ltd. on a [...]
WHEN YOU TALK to divers from all over the world about dive sites in Australia, they will most likely start a conversation about the Great Barrier Reef, and in very rare circumstances, if you’re lucky, they might mention Tasmania’s east coast. And talk to a local Tasmanian diver about their favourite dive sites, and you [...]