IT WAS NOT long ago that I was utterly devoted to my macro lenses when I dived locally. I worked hard to build a portfolio of colourful local nudibranchs and blennies, largely ignoring the fact that there were photographic subjects in local waters that were greater than three inches in diameter. This is not an [...]
An amazing natural phenomenon that sees millions of tiny cells spewing out of effervescent living corals, this annual event is too good to pass up. We trace the triggers that set off spawning at distinctive times around the world. 1.FLOWER GARDEN BANKS NATIONAL MARINE SANCTUARY, GULF OF MEXICO 7–10 nights following full moon (Aug) The [...]
1. ANDAMAN & NICOBAR ISLANDS, INDO-PACIFIC REGION CORAL STATUS  • Coral reefs of Andaman & Nicobar Islands are ecologically the most diverse within the Indo-Pacific region • Scleractinian corals play an important role in maintaining the marine biodiversity of this area • 418 species belonging to 17 families of corals have been identified so far [...]
Organised and hosted by AIDA Philippines and Freedive Panglao, the first Freediving School in Bohol, supported by the Department of Tourism (Philippines), Dive Philippines and Freedive Superhome, the Philippine Depth National Championship is a top freediving competition in the Philippines and is sanctioned by AIDA International.  Located at Panglao Island’s beautiful turquoise waters, with its [...]
WITH WORLD-CLASS DIVE SITES in the Philippines too numerous to count, diving in the Philippines is often defined by a handful of exceptional options. One of the most deserving but underrated spots is Mactan, just 40 minutes’ drive from Cebu City and with its own international airport. Boasting resorts to suit every pocket, Mactan has [...]
JUST OVER AN HOUR from Manila by plane, Dumaguete is the accessible capital of Negros Oriental, the Central Visayas province just west of Cebu. The commonest suggestions you’ll get when you ask about diving the Philippines from Dumaguete is the famous Apo Island for wide angle, or the local macro heaven, Dauin. But you’re unlikely [...]