Text by Cecile Brosolo Images by Giancarlo Brosolo, Jurgen Freund and various contributors It’s winter in mid-July on the Great Barrier Reef, north of Cairns, and the sea is rough and cold. I’ve been floating in the ocean, hanging to this snorkel line for 15 minutes now, and I can’t help but question: “What on [...]
Text and Images by Mark Strickland At first, the idea of encountering an elephant underwater seems rather strange. After all, these huge mammals are adapted for life in the jungle, not below the waves. If you think about it, however, with their long, flexible “snorkel” of a trunk, there are few land animals that are [...]

IN A TIME of such hyperconnectivity, a population of seven and a half billion souls, and space probes that relay information from beyond our solar system, you might expect that we’d have a pretty fair idea about the number of species in our oceans.

I close my eyes – something not recommended for underwater photography. But the visibility, floating at the surface of Canada’s Hudson Bay, is less than an arm’s distance, so all I can do is wait patiently. And then the symphony starts: A crescendo of squeaks and clicks build until I feel my chest reverberating. It’s [...]
Vaquita Basics 1 The vaquita, Phocoena sinus, is the world’s smallest cetacean, weighing around 55 kilos. 2 Females grow to be around 1.5 metres long. They are longer than the males, whose length tops out at about 1.4 metres. 3 They eat small fish and squid. 4 They have unique facial markings with a black [...]
MANTA VISTA Manta rays are the biggest rays in the ocean. Despite their size, these majestic beauties pose little threat to humans, making them very popular among divers. They are generally found in warm waters across the planet, and are declared as “vulnerable” by the Internation 1.KONA & THE BIG ISLAND, HAWAII (Kona Coast) Manta [...]