Once these little gems capture your attention, it’s very hard to break their magic spell. A gateway critter if ever there was one, nudibranchs combine the beauty of our ocean and natural history in a photogenic and scientific symphony like no other. Often referred to as “slugs” due to their evolutionary path, the grand designs [...]
Crowds of metre-long sharks lie motionless on the seafloor within gutters etched into the rocky reef. Some are piled up under overhangs, others are lying isolated and out in the open. Beneath a waving frond of kelp, one of them raises its head and pivots upward on a pair of pectoral fins. With a few [...]
Australia is a land of vast proportions. However, divers generally make a beeline for the Great Barrier Reef, scarcely sparing a thought for the rest of the continent. For coral reefs and colourful tropical fish, this is obviously a fantastic place to start, but for something out of the ordinary I believe the real gems [...]
A calm mirror-like surface, crystal-clear waters, and hot sunny days; that was what I assumed my virgin trip to Tonga would be like. On the contrary, we saw nothing but gloomy skies, rainy days, choppy waters, and plankton-rich waters – not the best conditions for us underwater photographers. Yet, it proved to be one of [...]
(Text by Brandon Sing/Shark Guardian. Illustrations by Julius Csotonyi. Images by various contributors) The history and evolution of sharks goes back a long time, but let’s define “a long time”, because that phrase alone really does not do it justice. Put it this way: Dinosaurs lived during the Mesozoic era, which began about 245 million [...]
Coral reefs are places of enormous natural diversity. They accommodate some of the highest densities of animals on Earth and have more species than any other marine habitat. Coral reefs aren’t the only marine ecosystems that accommodate extraordinary creatures. Animals everywhere change over time to reflect the environmental conditions they find themselves in. Water temperature, [...]