We take a look back at Scuba Diver’s post-ADEX 2014 expedition to the Maldives. Where the fantastic ADEX Ocean Ambassador (2014-2015), actress and beauty pageant winner (known best for representing Indonesia in the 2006 Miss Universe Pageant), Nadine Chandrawinata joined an experienced dive team, including ADEX Ambassador of Photography Aaron Wong, to explore the vast underwater megalopolis of the Maldives.

Dramatic topography, chance encounters with mantas and whale sharks, unexplored dive sites with nary another boat in sight; at South Asia’s eastern edge, Burma’s Mergui Archipelago is the Andaman Sea’s best kept secret. Until now.

Nowadays, thanks to a large investment of both time and money in ocean exploration, we are discovering how full of “wonder” our ocean really is. Here are nine incredible underwater wonders.