Latest issue: Epic Journeys (Issue 07/2016)
No journeys on Earth are more epic than those that take place in the vast blue beyond. Join SDAA on extraordinary migrations of marine mage fauna, and prepare to level-up your wanderlust with tales of sea safaris through the most exciting waters of the world. Some journeys will change you forever, SDAA’s next issue might do the same.

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Special edition: The Diveaholic Buyer’s Guide

Every year opens with Scuba Diver AUSTRALASIA’s special edition, the Diveaholic Buyer’s Guide which has come to be recognised as the authority on the latest and best in dive-related kit, and a must-keep directory of the region’s dive operators.

The official media partner of DAN Asia-Pacific

Scuba Diver AUSTRALASIA is the official media partner of DAN Asia-Pacific, the region’s only established, international specialist dive medicine and safety organisation that also covers divers in the event of any dive related accidents. Scuba Diver AUSTRALASIA includes 24 pages of authoritative, engaging dive safety content from DAN Asia-Pacific in every issue, and every one of DAN Asia-Pacific’s members (12,000 and growing) has free access to the e-version of Scuba Diver AUSTRALASIA. *Published the 1st of every February, May, August, and November


  • Asian Publishing Awards 2012: Multimedia Integration

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