Diving. It may not hold the romantic essence of cupid’s bow, nor have the sensual touch of a bed of roses, but to those couples who adore the world below the waves, it can be the perfect getaway. Far from the hustle and bustle of metropolitan life, like tender-loving dolphins, you and your partner journey the blue side by side, into a world where love dances like a sardine baitball under attack from sailfish, and romance headbutts you like a territorial titan triggerfish. This is our valentine to you, our readers – 11 Top Romantic Dive Getaways in Asia Pacific:

Over/Under of the marine life in the Maldives © BlueOrange Studio


Slip into the quiet life, where evenings are set against a backdrop of azure waters, white beaches and tangerine sunsets. The Maldives, perhaps the go-to romantic getaway, never lets you down. With incredible encounters below the waves, and relaxing scenes above it – this is a top destination for lovebirds looking to roost far away from the trials of the modern world.

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Padar Island in Komodo National Park ©MBrand


Hosting an incredible collaboration of reef art and marine life in this one-off park, Komodo is one of the intimate destinations that offers both relaxation and exploration. With gliding mantas in the shallow currents, dolphins breaching the surface and sharks on the reefs, both you and your partner can share an experience unlike any other.

Face to face with a shark © Beqa Lagoon Resort

Beqa Island, Fiji

In this underwater wonderland, love flows with the eastern currents, and divers can come face to face with tiger and bull sharks. On quiet beaches, and to the sound of traditional Fijian music, companions make lifelong promises and stick to them. To those who know, Beqa Island is love island.

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Two tourists snorkel in the shallows of Mabul Island © Papa Annur

Mabul Island, Borneo

A small island with big opportunity. Mabul Island offers those on a getaway the chance to sit back and relax on the island beaches, or for some adrenaline-fuelled underwater encounters. With a short boat ride to Sipadan – an island with arguably the best diving in the world – Mabul is best placed for offering couples the diving experience of a lifetime.

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Over/under of marine life in Lang Tengah island waters © Yen Yi Lee

Lang Tengah Island, Malaysia

Set off the sleepy town of Terengganu, Lang Tengah attracts a wealth of guests to enjoy the amenities that the island offers. Lang Tengah offers those who visit something unique in natural beauty. From cliff jumping into cool-blue waters, to scuba diving through the love arch for photographs – this small island is geared for couples looking to capture a special memory.

Reddish coral features at the reef in Bunaken. © Christian Gloor

Manado and Bunaken National Park, Indonesia

Rich and unspoilt reefs, pristine and abundant soft coral, and marine life in huge concentrations, diving around Bunaken will capture your heart – magnificent dive sites fit for a grand piano concerto to fully capture the feeling. Relax on the white sand beaches and dive the shallows – it’s a world you won’t want to miss.

Swinging in the ocean at Gili Trawangan. © Shutterstock

Gili Trawangan, Lombok

Hammocks in the shallows, and swings on the shore, the beautiful layout of the most popular Lombok mini-island is ideal for any couple looking for a calm retreat. Crystal-clear waters with incredible visibility are home to a plethora of turtles, sharks and stunning coral.

Looking down at the beach of Pulau Rawa © Wikimedia Commons

Pulau Rawa, Malaysia

A hidden jewel of the Malaysian coast, Pulau Rawa has benefitted by being overlooked as a top dive destination. Pristine coral, and plenty marine life in the shallows, means that anyone staying on this tucked-away tiny island is guaranteed intimate one-on-one encounters.

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Sunlight and shadows mix in a flooded mangrove forest in Raja Ampat © Ethan Daniels

Raja Ampat, Indonesia

One of the most biodiverse locations in the world, Raja Ampat is regarded as a top spot for sub-aqua encounters. The incredible range of marine creatures, from pygmy seahorses to wobbegongs, is enough to create an engraved memory. From the Americas to Europe, divers come to experience an untamed world. Raja Ampat captures the heart.

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Devil's Tears Cliff at Nusa Lembongan. © Dinozavver

Nusa Islands, Indonesia

Far from the huge crowds of Bali, the famed trio – Nusa Ceningan, Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Penida – offer those looking for a bit of relaxation with quality diving exactly what they desire. Already taken advantage of the diving? Then you can enjoy the water-sports activities, mangrove forests and hidden beaches. With an endless list of things to do on the islands, they’re one of our favourite romantic getaways.

Bird's eye view of the Great Barrier Reef. © Shutterstock

Great Barrier Reef, Australia

The most famous diving site in the world may seem over-dived, but for a couple looking to create dive memories it’s the ideal location. The thing is, the GBR is so big and offers a range of adrenaline-fuelled dive encounters. From Cod Hole to the SS Yongala, there is a range of marine life and underwater seascapes to experience. It’s a site to tick off the bucket list, and the ideal valentine’s retreat.

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