It’s the worst feeling, to feel incredibly peckish when you’re 20 metres below the blue surface. Like any physical activity, you need to put food into your body to keep your engine running, and keep you alert and strong during your dive. Here are six foods to eat before diving:


Excellent for calories and cramps, Bananas provide your body with essential nutrients that benefit your health and muscle function. They are the perfect pre-dive snack, providing your body with sufficient carbohydrates to support your entire athletic performance during the dive.


The king of power foods, this leafy green has multiple benefits for divers. Easily digestible and filling, spinach contains magnesium which prevents any unwanted cramps when underwater.

Brazil nuts

The fat and high protein in Brazil nuts will give you the energy you need to fin kick against the current. Containing good qualities of vitamins, anti-oxidants and minerals, we suggest bringing a bag of these with you on your next trip.

Heap of Brazil Nuts

Brown rice

A brilliant source of carbohydrates, brown rice is known for its fibre and “superfood” qualities and is ideal fuel for your body to burn throughout the dive.

Grass-fed beef jerky

Since you can’t pack a steak into your dive bag, beef jerky is a great high-protein substitute. Grass-fed jerky guarantees to give you more omega-3 fatty acid and grain-fed beef.


Scrambled, poached, or boiled… no matter how you eat them, they’ll provide protein and power that will help you last through the dive.