For the first time, catch the remarkable Hae-Nyeo divers at ADEX 2016! They will be showcasing their breath-hold skills for everyone to witness at the ADEX dive tank!

Hear their amazing stories from YZin Kim, who will be speaking at the Main Stage while they freedive, and find out how these Hae-Nyeo divers go about day by day at Jeju Island!

Don’t miss your chance to catch the Jeju Island Hae-Nyeo divers at ADEX 2016!


By Yzin Kim

Jeju Island, Korea is known as “the Land of Women”, a name which reflects its female-centred culture. The women work the fields and farms and, famously, dive for seafood. These freedivers are called “Hae-Nyeo” (haenyeo), a name that comes with great status and symbolises a group of women with an indomitable life spirit.

It is estimated that there are around 20,000 Hae-Nyeo working around Jeju. They learned to dive at an early age, becoming fully fledged Hae-Nyeo when they were teenagers, and many are still working well into their 80s.

These incredible divers have extraordinary mental strength and focus, can hold their breath for more than two minutes, dive to 20 metres, endure the winter’s freezing temperatures, and will work throughout their pregnancies.

Today, the number of active Hae-Nyeo is slowly decreasing. But their status and impact on the culture of Jeju remains strong, as does their fame throughout the region. You too can share the water with these extraordinary women, diving around the remarkable Jeju Island.

Check out her interview with a Hae-Nyeo diver:



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