We’re excited to announce that various marine conservationists from multiple countries will be speaking at Asia Dive Expo (ADEX) Singapore 2016!

The following are the marine conservationists you will see at ADEX 2016!




Albert Li (Australia)
Founder of Scuba for Change

Albert is the Founder of Scuba for Change (SFC).  Named as “B3000+ Social Enterprise of the Year” in 2015, SFC reinvests 100% of its net earnings to the benefit of local communities. SFC offers diving in Puerto Galera, Philippines, a location teaming with underwater diversity.



Alex Antoniou (UK/USA)
Founder of Fins Attached. Marine Research and Conservation

Dr. Alex Antoniou has been working with and studying sharks for over 20 years.  He began his work by establishing a field station for the Shark Research Institute in the Honduran Bay Island of Utila and subsequently convinced the Honduran Government to enact protection laws for the whale shark in their territorial waters. He was the first to tag whale sharks in the Caribbean with satellite tags. 



Amanda Vincent (Canada)
Director and co-founder of Project Seahorse

Amanda Vincent has a PhD in marine biology from the University of Cambridge and was Darwin Senior Research Fellow at the University of Oxford from 1994 to 1996. She is considered the leading authority on seahorse biology and conservation, and in 2000 was named a Pew Fellow in Marine Conservation. She also serves as lead scientific advisor and chair of the seahorse working group for CITES. 



Chai Apale (Philippines)
iSeahorse Project coordinatorIn her role as iSeahorse Philippines coordinator, Chai manages outreach and communications for iSeahorse in the Philippines. She received a BSc in marine biology from Mindanao State University-Illigan Institute of Technology, where she studied the community structures of reef fishes. Before joining Project Seahorse, she was a coastal resource management trainer for the United States Peace Corps in the Philippines.



Chloe Harvey (UK/Philippines)
Green Fins

Chloë Harvey is a professional diver and Marine Biologist who became involved in Green Fins in 2008 after learning that it provided the only internationally recognised environmental standards for diving. Since then she has dedicated her life to developing Green Fins into the meaningful programme it is today, providing business owners and national authorities with the tools and support needed to drive a sustainable industry.


Dave Harasti (Australia)
Ambassador for Seahorse

Dr Dave Harasti is a Research Scientist for Fisheries NSW in Australia who specialises in threatened species (sharks, seahorses and turtles) and marine protected areas research. His doctorate study was on the biology, ecology and conservation of seahorses and he is one of the world experts in seahorses.



Gary Stokes (UK/HK)
Asia Director for Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

Gary Stokes is the Asia Director for Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. Based in Hong Kong, his main focus over the past 10 years has been on documenting, investigating and exposing the shark fin trade. Working with Sea Shepherd to raise awareness and effect change by directly challenging laws and the agencies that are supposed to protect species, but are failing to do so.



Hannah Pragnell-Raasch (UK/Australia)
Program Specialist at Project AWARE

Hannah Pragnell-Raasch has always had a deep connection with the ocean planet and a desire to protect it. Becoming a certified scuba diver, she became all too familiar with the various impacts affecting our underwater world, further developing her aspirations to work within marine conservation and drive positive change.


Heng Pei Yan
Heng Pei Yan (Singapore)
Volunteer at NParks

Pei Yan is a full-time school teacher. Moving out of the school setting, friends often read about her nature adventures around Singapore, from nature guiding to  exploring intertidal areas to scuba diving in local waters, through still images on her blog and Facebook.



Jerker Tamelander (Sweden/Thailand)
Head of UNEP Coral Reef Unit

Jerker leads coral reef work at the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) focusing on resilience, ecosystem services, and strengthening use of science in reef management. He has been integral in the development of Green Fins, an approach for managing a sustainable diving industry. A keen diver since 1992 and trained to instructor level, Jerker recognises the need for collaboration with reef-dependent businesses and that a sustainable diving industry is a positive force for marine conservation around the world.


Joanne Marston (UK/Australia)
Campaign Manager at Project AWARE Foundation

Joanne has extensive and proven nonprofit campaign management experience coupled with a background in politics and public relations. She has worked in the nonprofit environmental community for over 12 years spearheading multiple diver engagement campaigns both in Asia Pacific and throughout the world. This includes the dynamic Extinction is Not an Option campaign which helped deliver shark and ray protection at the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora as well as a ground breaking local community campaign called Ocean Action.


Jonn Lu (Singapore)
Regional Director of Shark Savers Singapore

Jonn Benedict Lu directs, produces and hosts content on social concerns and marine topics, also leading expeditions on exploration-themed productions. When not slacklining, running around climbing trees, rocks and urban structures, he’s in the water as a SDI / TDI and NAUIScuba Diving / NAUI Technical Diving Instructor and Freediving Instructor. He runs www.FINishedwithFINS.org the largest campaign ever organised for shark conservation, featuring over 700 of the most engaging, influential and powerful celebrities and personalities in the world.


Judi Lowe (Australia)

Judi is an Accountant, Lawyer and PhD researcher who is passionate about the impact of dive tourism on coral reefs and the livelihoods of local fishers in less developed countries. Dive tourism must diversify the livelihoods of local fishers, reducing reliance on coral reefs. Her research builds a best practice model of dive tourism for marine conservation and livelihoods.



Maarten De Brauwer (Belgium/Australia)

Maarten is a marine biologist at Curtin University, Perth, Australia. His main interests are rarity and extinction risk in marine fishes. His current research investigates the ecology and socio-economic value of critters important to the muck dive industry. He is also a dive instructor who has worked and trained divers all across Southeast Asia.




Richard Smith (UK)

Dr Richard Smith combines an in-depth academic knowledge of the marine environment with a unique skill for capturing stunning images. He aspires to promoting an appreciation for the ocean’s inhabitants and raise awareness of marine conservation issues through his images. A marine biologist by training, Richard’s pioneering research on the biology and conservation of pygmy seahorses, led to the first PhD on these enigmatic fishes.



Sakina Sakerwalla (Sweden/Singapore)
Development Director for Conservation International’s Asia-Pacific Field Division

Sakina Sakerwalla is the Development Director for Conservation International’s Asia-Pacific Field Division, and an avid diver who believes in conserving nature for human well-being. She is responsible for developing new partnerships across corporations, academia, NGOs and government, in addition to driving fundraising activities across the region.



Sally Snow (UK/Philippines)
Media Director of Large Marine Vertebrates Project

Sally Snow is a Zoologist, Filmmaker and Shark Researcher. She heads the media team of the Large Marine Vertebrates Research Institute Philippines, an NGO specialising in Marine Conservation in the Philippines.



Sharon Kwok (HK)

Born in Hong Kong of a Chinese mother and an American father of German decent who was one of the founding members of Ocean Park, Sharon began a lifelong love of animals during her youth when she was able to interact with numerous marine animals.

Over the years, she has supported numerous charities and is a member of The Society of Women Geographers, ambassador for SPCA H.K., Hong Kong Cetacean Research Project, and Bloom, Sharon is also the Managing Director of WildAid HK, on the board of Mission Blue, and the Executive Director of AquaMeridian and AquaSilva, which are companies that aim to raise awareness of conservation issues globally, starting with HK.


Yasmeen Smalley-Norman (USA)
Vice President and 3D modeler of The Hydrous

Yasmeen Smalley-Norman is an underwater photographer dedicated to using visual storytelling to promote awareness of our oceans. A published underwater photographer and videographer and Vice President of The Hydrous, Yasmeen uses 3D imaging and visual media to tell stories of vulnerable and endangered coral reefs. She is also an Associate Member of the Women Divers Hall of Fame, an Explorers Club Student Member and a PADI Divemaster.


For more information on ADEX, please visit www.adex.asia.